The fastest way to pay.

What is Yoco Tap?

Now your customers can pay with a touch

Yoco Tap is a new feature on the Wireless Pro card machine. This contactless form of payment lets your customers pay for smaller purchases by simply tapping their card against the card machine.

Sell in seconds

Process payments up to 25% faster and avoid lost sales caused by long queues

Safe and secure

Your customers can pay with a single touch, their card never has to leave their hand.

Customers love it

A tap is all it takes, offer your customers convenience and shorter queues.


Tap, pay and go.

Yoco Tap uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to communicate wirelessly with other NFC enabled cards or devices. The NFC chip in the Wireless Pro ‘talks’ to the chip on Visa and MasterCard contactless cards as well as Samsung Pay and FNB Pay on mobile devices.

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Accept more payments at peak sales times.

Tap payments are much faster than normal card payments so you can accept more payments from more people in less time. It’s also more secure as the card never has to leave your customer’s hand. It’s safe, simple and really fast.


Have a look below for all you need to know.

R 200 OR LESSTap and Go without PIN required

R 201 - R 4 999Tap and Go with PIN required

R 5 000 OR MORETap & go not allowed. Swipe or insert card for payment

We’ve put limits in place so that higher value transactions still need a PIN.

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Encryption technology makes contactless as safe as chip and PIN.

Yoco Tap is as secure as regular chip card payments as it uses encryption to protect your customer’s details. Yoco merchants are covered with zero liability protection which means you’re not liable for unauthorised transactions. Every card also has a built in security check so your customers will have to enter a PIN from time to time.


What our merchants are saying.

Truth Coffee Roasting

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Legends Barbershop

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The Wing Republic

See how Wing Republic drove Tap usage through staff training


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