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Yoco is an African technology company that builds tools and services to help small businesses get paid, run their business better, and grow. We believe that by opening up more possibilities for entrepreneurs to be successful, we can help create more jobs, enable people to thrive and help to drive our economy forward.


Yoco was founded by 4 friends who shared a passion for smart technology and a desire to help small business.

Katlego Maphai
Chief Executive Officer
Carl Wazen
Chief Business Officer
Lungisa Matshoba
Chief Technology Officer
Bradley Wattrus
Chief Financial Officer

The problem

For years we’d seen how hard it was for entrepreneurs to get access to card payment services to help grow their businesses. Our belief was that running a small business was hard. Getting paid didn’t have to be.

The idea

There was an opportunity to make life easier for the small business owner, so we founded Yoco to create an alternative. Today, our payments hardware and software powers tens of thousands of small businesses in South Africa, giving you an easily accessible and simple to use platform to help you start, run and grow your business, whether on a street corner or in a fancy mall.

The outcome

Economic inclusion and equality of opportunity are the cornerstones of our vision, along with an incredibly strong belief in our mission to help entrepreneurs succeed. We’ll always support the people who have the guts to give it a go, so we continue to innovate and iterate with invaluable insights from our small business community.

Why yoco?

The value you get from us.



Who’s in our gang?


What is our service like?


What do we create?


What do others get?
Self Directed
Independent people who are passionate and proud of their work. Who work hard and don’t give up.

(Independant, tenacious, passionate, proud, hard working)

The brave

Some of the customers we serve.

Mad Giant
Truth Coffee
Nic Harry
Creation Wines
The Velvet Cake Co.
Neighbourgoods Market
Barista Cup
Legends Barber
Sushi Box

These investors have backed us throughout our journey.

Velocity Capital
Future Growth
CRE Ventures

Yoco at a glance

Yoco is headquartered in Cape Town with an office in Johannesburg.



Yoco Launched




Every startup has a story, this is the Yoco story as told by Photographer and Visual Anthropologist, Gregor Röhrig.

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