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Grow your business with a cash advance.

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Grow your business with a cash advance.

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Grow your business with a cash advance.

Quick application, fast funding, painless payback.

Eligible Yoco merchants can now access a cash advance to help grow their business. There's no security or collateral required, so you don’t have to worry about using your assets to fund your business growth.

Apply online

Say goodbye to painful paperwork and long waits. Just log into Yoco Business Portal, see if you have a Capital offer, apply in a few clicks and get an instant decision.

Fast funding

Once approved, your cash advance is deposited into your bank account the next day. Use your funds for expansion, new staff, equipment or anything your business needs.

Painless payback

After paying one flat fee that you know upfront, Yoco automatically takes a small percentage of your card transactions. You can just get on with business as usual.

Key numbers when it comes to Yoco Capital.

+R140 million

funds extended


Yoco merchants served

R2,5K to R1M

Capital amounts taken

If you’re not a Yoco merchant, sign up to start accepting card payments and become eligible for Yoco Capital after just one month.

Fast. Simple. Convenient.

Watch the short video to learn how Yoco Capital works.

How much can I get?

Your Yoco Capital amount is based on card sales through your Yoco card machine. The more you sell, the more you can access. Receive up to 80% of your monthly turnover. Eligible Yoco merchants receive an email and a notification in their Yoco Business Portal.

See if I have an offer

How much does it cost?

You pay one flat fee which is determined when you apply, with no fixed term. The fee is based on the amount requested, hold back rate (payback percentage) and your Yoco sales history.

How do I repay?

Your Capital amount is automatically paid back as a percentage of your daily Yoco card sales. Simple as that. Nothing to think about except getting on with business.

Yoco Capital vs traditional business loans.

Why Yoco Capital works for small business:

  • Pre-approved for the application amount.

  • Less than 5 mins to apply with no paperwork.

  • Recieve your money within 1 day.

  • No collateral required.

  • One fixed, completely transparent fee.

  • If sales slow down, repayment does too.

How our customers use their Yoco Capital cash advance.

New stock and equipment.

New stores and expansion.

Renovations or upgrades.

What our merchants are saying.

Ultimate Bike Company

"It’s painless and effortless. Basically after three clicks it’s done and the money’s in my account the next day." – Jean

La Blosh Nail Boutique

"The best thing is the effortless payback - I don't even have to think about debit orders, or how I fund my advance if my sales slow down.” – Sharon

Unique Driftwood Creations

“When I tried to apply for a traditional small business loan I felt like I was buying a house. Yoco Capital is completely different.” – Boniface

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