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Vend + Yoco

Retail solutions at your fingertips with Yoco Payments and Vend POS software.
* Currently only available using the new Vend Register iPad app.

Automation saves time

Managing payment reconciliations, cash-ups and more all in one platform.

Happy staff & customers

Less time spent on tasks means more time to spend on your customers' experience.

Less risk of fraud

Data from till balances is fed directly to the POS and compared without manual input.

Reporting made easy

Instant access to your business sales, staff performance and stock levels.

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Vend is one of the leading point of sale software for retailers.

Sell in-store, online and on-the-go

Access and manage your inventory anywhere, anytime - all on the cloud

Track sales, revenue and profit margins and make smarter, more profitable decisions

Scale up by adding products, staff, registers and stores, in just a few clicks


What our merchants are saying.

Working with Yoco through our Vend point of sale is simple and extremely efficient. Switching apps as we've had to do in the past wasn't a sustainable way to complete transactions. Now with the Yoco/Vend integration the customer checkout process is seamless.



Granadilla Swimwear uses Yoco + Vend

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