Running your business made simple.

Yoco Smart Integrations simplifies bookkeeping and makes it easier to manage your small business.

Yoco Smart Integrations.

Advanced Point of Sale solutions seamlessly integrated to Yoco Payments. Simplify your bookkeeping with our Accounting integration.

Running your business made simple.

With the Yoco's Smart Integrations, owning a Yoco Pro makes it easier to run and manage your small business.

Payments, POS, accounting and business tools.

The perfect solution for your retail business.

Vend is Point of Sale software made for retail. Manage your sales, stock and track profitability in real-time.

Integrating Vend and Yoco payments gives you a speedier checkout with automated payments, keeps staff happy with tip collection and helps you cash out in minutes.

Powering hospitality businesses in SA.

TabletPOS by iKentoo is the fastest growing hospitality POS software in SA. Enjoy real-time reports on stock tracking and bespoke hospitality functions like splitting tables, multi-receipt printing and multiple staff management.

By integrating TabletPOS by iKentoo and Yoco Payments, you can increase table turnover, cash up in minutes, reduce fraud and collect more tips.

Delight customers at your salon or spa.

SalonBridge is an appointment management app that helps you manage your salon or spa and provide a smoother customer experience.

The SalonBridge and Yoco integration captures your client's payment according to their appointment, closing the account and publishing a cash-up report in seconds.

Keep your books neat and tidy.

Xero is an accounting platform that integrates with your POS and payment systems to make running your business easier.

All your Yoco sales are automatically recorded and uploaded to your Xero account in real-time. Manage your cash flow, automatically account for stock adjustments, allocate funds to the right bank account and more.

Sync your invoices with your appointments.

AppointmentGuru much more than an appointment manager app. It automates your appoint management, enables online scheduling and lets you send industry-standard invoices.

Plus, it integrates with your Yoco. So when your customer settles their bill on the Yoco Pro, the invoice is automatically settled and recorded.

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