Let's get you paid.

Let's get you paid.

Let's get you paid.

Choose the right Yoco card machine.

Accept all cards

Both card machines accept all major debit and credit cards – tap, swipe, chip and PIN and mobile payments like Samsung Pay.

Up to 45% more sales

Cash isn't the only way to get paid. Say yes to card payments and see your sales rise.

Quick & easy connect

Turn it on, connect to your smartphone or tablet, and never miss a sale again.

Yoco Go

Just launched

R799 once-off or R50/week x 21 weeks.

Sell from anywhere with the Yoco Go. Ideal for market traders, plumbers, electricians, tradespeople, even the early entrepreneur with a lemonade stand on the corner.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Yoco Pro


R1999 once-off or R125/week x 21 weeks.

Mount it on your countertop and increase your sales. Perfect for established small businesses; boutiques, cafés, restaurants, salons; anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.

  • Integrates with point of sale and accounting software like Xero, Vend and Tablet POS.

  • Fits all charging stands for an on-counter setup.

  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

Order today. Free delivery. Just start.


Register and pay in under five minutes.


Get your Yoco. Free nationwide delivery in 2 business days.

Start selling

Download the Yoco app, connect and get paid.

Where to get your Yoco.

Order online. 48-hour free delivery.

Pop into a Yoco store.

Visit one of our retail partners.

Yoco in action.

Liz Art Gallery & Studio

"My customers don't always carry cash. Yoco is great! It's a wonderful tool for a great price!"


"I am so happy with Yoco's service. I've had no network issues, no hassles, everything runs so smoothly."

All the extras you need.

Mobile chargers, countertop stands for tablet POS, cash boxes and more. Everything you need to start, run & grow your business is here.

Yoco – Let's Grow