How tech collaboration is enabling entrepreneurs

When three great companies come together to support small businesses and entrepreneurs, great things happen. Yoco recently hosted an event to celebrate this concept of collaboration. Here's why it's changing the game.

How tech collaboration is enabling entrepreneurs

“If it doesn’t integrate – don’t bother.”

– Lungisa Matshoba, CTO of Yoco.

Collaboration is the new competition. In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of tech, building complete stand-alone systems no longer makes sense. The manpower, cost and time required to pre-empt and build every feature yourself leads to companies falling behind.

A businesses competitive advantage no longer lies in them owning all the reseources, but rather in their ability to give their customers access to the right resources.

Xero is a global cloud based accounting platform for SMEs that has taken the market by storm with its simple, beautiful software. They also integrate with over 500 solutions which has helped them gain access to 184 countries. With their focus now shifting to developing markets, South Africa has become a key market, and Yoco one of their key South African partners.

For more information on the Yoco-Xero integration please visit

“When economies are not in good shape – that’s when entrepreneurs stand.”

– Craig Hudson, Xero EMEA director

Successful entrepreneurs innovate, experiment, change direction and move fast. To do all this however, they need fast, agile systems that don’t break the bank and don’t lock them into long term contracts. Companies like Yoco and Xero get this. Because the founders themselves are entrepreneurs.

The integrated system means business owners can accept payments with Yoco anywhere and have them automatically reflect in Xero. And say goodbye to manual recons. The best part is you only pay for what you use. You can leave or change at any time. The ability to get custom, industry-specific solutions for a small fee is revolutionary.

To celebrate the launch of this collaboration Yoco hosted an event for entrepreneurs at Truth Coffee last Thursday. David Donde, owner of Truth Coffee and Yoco and Xero user, spoke about how this technology is changing the game and making his business easier to run.

“All of the paperwork is just gone. Times are changing”

– David Donde, Owner of Truth Coffee

Thank you to all the business owners that took the time to stop by, hear our stories and sign up for Yoco and Xero. Stay tuned to find out more in this exciting space.

Collaboration is enabling entrepreneurs event

If you’re interested in getting set up with the Yoco, Xero, or both – leave us your details here and we’ll be in touch.

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