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A Yoco merchant doing their tax administration.

Tax 2019: What you need to know for your business

Tito Mboweni delivered a stark warning with his first Budget Speech: the economy is not doing well, the public purse is exhausted and someone has to pay the bill. On the surface the budget that was presented seemed like it could have been worse – no adjustments to any tax


Access to Small Business Funding

More often than not, access to funding is critical for small businesses to succeed. However, small business owners tend to struggle to access the funds they need, whether it’s initial funding for the start-up process or funding further down the line to expand. Roadblocks to accessing business funding The chief

Small business funding options

Top funding options to help meet small business owners meet their goals

In the first article in this funding series, I encouraged you to scrutinise your business goals and to decide if sourcing external funding will help you achieve those goals – without putting undue pressure on your business. We looked at funding for a short-term business boost – like buying inventory

Ground Art Caffe on small business finances

How Ground Art Caffe saves time and simplifies their finance management

This past month we’ve taken a deep dive into the world of small business finance. We created a cash-flow template for businesses just getting started and we’ve pulled together an infographic to help growing businesses understand fundraising. We also asked the experts to share their insights in an SME-finance Twitterchat.


Does your business really need capital?

When my co-founders and I decided we were going to start Yoco in 2013 we knew that funding the business would be a challenge. But we didn’t quite realise what a monumental challenge it would actually be. I’ve learnt so much over the past four years and am glad I


Making the great escape: Meet ex-accountant Stratis Kouvdis

Put down the sudoku, the Sunday crossword puzzle and whatever the latest puzzle you have on your phone is. It’s time to step it up a notch and become your very own Sherlock Holmes meets James Bond. Hashtag Escape, Johannesburg’s biggest adventure game, was founded by Stratis Kouvdis and Chris Tsatsarolakis

Fingerprint encrypted card

Fingerprint encrypted cards: What’s the big deal and how will it affect you?

If you’ve ever used your fingerprint to unlock your phone or get access to your office then you’ve used “biometric authentication”. Biometric authentication is a way of using a person’s unique biological characteristics to verify that they are who they say they are. In this case – a fingerprint. The