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Entrepreneur Story Lakota Inspirations

Entrepreneur Story: Lakota Inspirations

Latasha (23) and Joshua (27) are the brains behind Native American jewellery and accessories brand, Lakota Inspirations and they’ve shared with us their challenges and advice for fellow young entrepreneurs, as well as how Yoco has helped their business grow. Together they’ve built their business on customer feedback and adding

Rootbar South African Entrepreneur Story Visa Mastercard

Entrepreneur Story: Rootbar

You may have heard of the “Root of all evil” but have you ever heard of the “Root of all good”? If not, then it’s time you pay Rootbar a visit. Bryan and Colette started their businesses to give people access to the benefits of juicing (basically they take all

Entrepreneur Story - Four and Twenty Cafe

Entrepreneur Story: Four and Twenty Cafe

They say there’s nothing quite as intense as a moment of clarity when you suddenly see what’s really possible for you. For some entrepreneurs, the decision to start a business is a long carefully analysed process. For others, it’s simply a moment where you know “this is it”. We sat

Leopold 7 Business Success Story

Entrepreneur story: Leopold 7

Re-kindling a love for beer from their university days, Marquis and Alex started their own brewery to turn a beloved pastime into a full time job. With Leopold 7 being around for just over a year, they have a good understanding of how daunting starting a new business can be.

Hair Dresser Business Success Story

Entrepreneur Story: Johnny Scissors

John Scott is crazy about hair – but thankfully not in the creepy thin man from Charlies Angels kinda way. He has always had a love of men’s style, which inspired him to start up Johnny Scissors. We met up with John to chat about the inspiration behind his business,

Entrepreneur Success Story Granadilla

Entrepreneur Story: Granadilla

Adam Duxbury and Joshua Meltz are absolutely in love with South Africa – and it shows! They started Granadilla, a men’s swimwear company, to honour Cape Town summers and the ice lolly sellers on the beaches. Swimwear is, of course, a seasonal business which presents challenges to business owners. Along

Yoco At The Root44 Market

Ensuring the Predictable Sale: Yoco at the Root 44 market

At Yoco our mission is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, which often means we have to find innovative ways to help solve their problems. One of the areas we recently tackled are markets. They are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa and are often located in the beautiful winelands,

Crossfit Gym Story

Entrepreneur Story: Crossfit District 6

Walking into Crossfit District 6 you expect it to be intimidating with the general gym ruckus. But instead what you find is a group of exceptionally kind and welcoming individuals. Crossfit District 6 was founded by three personal trainers – Lushwill, Tyron and Wilhelmina – who decided to start their