The Business Side of the DSTV Delicious Festival

The Business Side of the DSTV Delicious Festival

When an event like the DSTV Delicious Festival calls, you answer. No matter what size your business is. This is the type of festival that combines top-notch entertainment, international chefs, over 50 food trucks and more than a handful of local celebs. In essence – a great party for everyone involved (except those who were stuck in traffic and complaining on twitter).

For one business in particular there is really no room for error. If these guys mess up, you know they have to face the wrath of very thirsty festival goers. Of course, we’re talking about THE BAR. Thirst was the main bar at the Delicious Festival and served out thousands of drinks over the day, ranging from cocktails, to basic beers, to mixers, and of course – bottles of champagne and whisky. Whatever the crowd needed, they covered.

Yoco helps accept cards at The Business Side of the DSTV Delicious Festival

Being the leading mobile bar service in South Africa, Thirst is always open to finding new ways to improve their business processes and up their game. They began using Yoco for small events like the Neighbourhood Market and were pleased enough with the result that they decided to get set up with just Yoco for the Delicious Festival. We don’t like to brag (of course we do) but we managed to sort Thirst out in a week. They were set up with 15 mobile card readers that they then used at 5 different bars.

“Our customers loved paying with Yoco and my staff thought it was great.”

Rael Lasarow, MD Thirst

Accepting Credit Cards Mobile Bar

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t need to keep the slip from each transaction?

What makes Yoco better than a traditional card reader? Besides the compact, mobile factor that Thirst enjoy about Yoco, they also benefit from the having a card reader fully integrated into their existing tablet point of sale system – iKentoo. The real value of this is it allows for streamlined cash-ups.

For those of you who don’t know the details of what a traditional non-Yoco cash-up entails, the bar or restaurant will check in their POS system how much has been sold that night. They then add up all the printed slips from the card machines to see how much has come in via card and they count the cash to see if it all adds up and then sort out tips etc. Now, imagine trying to do a cash up after an event where you ran 5 bars, had multiple staff members, and thousands of transactions. Not fun.

Yoco ensures that all the all the card payment amounts are digitally stored in the app and business portal.

This means cash up is faster, there are fewer chances for mistakes and you and your staff can get to go home sooner.

Mobile Credit Card Machine Miura

Click the link below to find out more about how Yoco and iKentoo work together to improve the experience for bars and restaurants.

Yoco Tablet POS

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