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A closeup of a rand note.

Do you really need business capital?

It takes money to make money, but sometimes having too much business capital can be its own problem. Do you really need that extra funding?

The logo of #Escape in Johannesburg. They share their finance lessons in this article.

Finance lessons from #Escape

Stratis Kouvdis, an accountant, shares finance lessons he has learnt on his entrepreneurial journey creating Hashtag Escape in Johannesburg

Card machine comparison

How to start accepting credit card payments

You’re never too small to accept card payments – in fact, it’s critical for all businesses, irrespective of type or size, to be able to accept electronic and mobile payments. If you’re not sure, whether or not your business should be accepting card payments read this article: 5 reasons why your

Iris House Children's Hospice

5 Fundraising tips from Iris House Founder, Sue van der Linde

Iris House Children’s Hospice is doing great things. Founded by superhero Sue van der Linde, they’re a charity committed to enriching the lives of special needs children with life threatening illness or life limiting conditions. They do this both through community-based care teams in areas such as Mfuleni and Crossroads,


Tax Guide for Small Business Structures in SA

The excitement of starting a new business often overshadows some of the more tedious aspects – like tax. As a new business owner, you’re enthusiastic about launching your new product or service into the market, but you’re also faced with the daunting administrative task of ensuring your business is setup correctly

Yoco women entrepreneurs

Are you a woman entrepreneur? These guys have your back

“It’s still going to take a long time to achieve gender equality but we are well on the way. A lot of entrepreneurs have to figure things out as they grow, which then affects our growth and productivity. Young people have a lot of amazing ideas for business but they don’t

How to set up Yoco

Setting up your Yoco – Xero Integration

Let’s face it. Sometimes admin can be pain. As a small business owner, do you ever feel that the hours you spend doing the books could be better used to refine your craft, market your business or even fix up that leak in the roof? That’s where Xero comes in.

How collaboration is enabling entrepreneurs

How tech collaboration is enabling entrepreneurs

“If it doesn’t integrate – don’t bother.” – Lungisa Matshoba, CTO of Yoco. Collaboration is the new competition. In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of tech, building complete stand-alone systems no longer makes sense. The manpower, cost and time required to pre-empt and build every feature yourself leads to companies falling