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Grain Restaurant

"It's user friendly and has made our administrative life much easier. It's also more affordable compared to other payment services."

Lare Birk, founder of Grain Food and Wood

Punk & Ivy

"The integration between the card reader and your phone works so seamlessly we haven’t had any problems."

Bianca, co-founder, Punk & Ivy

Crossfit - District Six

"We heard about Yoco and thought it was fantastic, but were skeptical as we thought there must be a catch. Eventually we signed up and found that there was no catch. We couldn’t understand how it could be so cheap compared to the banks!"

Tyron, owner of Crossfit D6

Creation Wines

"Telephone support for traditional credit card machines means staying on hold for at least 10 min. With Yoco the live chat function means it is immediate"

Carolyn, owner of Creation Wines.

Zebra Bone

"I’m really happy I found Yoco because now I have the freedom to go to markets with confidence, without worrying about whether people have enough cash."

Jayson, founder of Zebra Bone

Jonny Scissors

"It’s really great - It’s fast. I can keep track of my takings for the day, per week, per month. I can also compare to see how I’m doing on a day-to-day and month-to-month basis. I’m really pleased with it."

John, owner of Johnny Scissors

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