Payment Page.

Now it's simple for you to accept multiple payments online without a website.

Accept multiple payments online.

Payment Page is a seamless way to create a personalised online page where all of your customers can pay you. Open your Yoco app, create your Payment Page in a few clicks and share it with the world to accept multiple payments online.

How it works.

Create your Payment Page

Personalised in just a few clicks.

Share your page link

Via WhatsApp, email, SMS or social media.

Get paid safely online

And track everything in your Yoco app.

Start accepting online payments in seconds.

Step 1: Open Payment Page in the Yoco app.

Step 2: Create your unique Payment Page link.

Step 3: Share your link with the world.

Step 4: Get paid safely with 3D Secure.

Step 5: Track every payment in-app.

Starting at 2.95%.

Your transaction fees for online payments are the same as in-person card payments. Starting at 2.95% ex. VAT and going down the more you sell. This will continue until 1 September 2020.

Each transaction through Payment Page counts as a sale. The more you sell, the lower your total transaction fees become.

How our customers use Payment Page.

Getting paid online opens up a whole new way to do business. Yoco customers across South Africa have found innovative ways to use Payment Page to adapt their businesses during the national lockdown.

Here are a few examples:

  • Get deposits for services you'll fulfil after lockdown.

  • Payment for various online classes.

  • Raise funds for staff and suppliers during lockdown.

  • Generate aid for causes close to your heart.

Endless ways to get paid online.

Accept fees for your digital cooking course. Get paid for your online yoga class. Secure the deposit for a service you'll fulfil after the lockdown. It's all possible with your personal Payment Page.

Support the people that helped build your business.

Running a small business is never easy, least of all now. With Payment Page, your customers and community can help support the people that helped build your business. Use yours to raise funds for your staff and suppliers.

Perfect for Non-profit Organisations.

Drive support for causes close to your heart. Set up a relief fund online without needing a website and raise the money you need to make a difference.

Whether it's education, animal welfare or another meaningful cause, the donations can come from anyone around the world.

Every cent counts.

Each payment you receive through Payment Page counts as sale. So it's just like transacting through your Yoco. The more funds you raise, the lower your total transaction fees become.

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How do I get paid through Payment Page?

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What cards are accepted currently?

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What are the fees involved?

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How do I start using Payment Page?

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Do I need a Yoco card machine to use Payment Page?

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