Yoco Neo
The Next Generation.

Our first ever standalone card machine. Turn the Neo on and accept card payments anywhere. No Bluetooth pairing or smart device needed.

Power on, get paid. All day.

Turn on your Yoco Neo and you're ready to accept card payments. 1 button is all it takes, with a powerful battery to sell all day.

On-screen sales history.

Featuring a full colour touchscreen display, your Neo shows you each transaction status and a 48-hour sales history.

Ultra-fast 3G connectivity.

The Yoco Neo has a built-in SIM card with consistent 3G connectivity. Process payments fast and reliably wherever you are.

The Yoco Neo.
R1999 once-off.

Our first standalone card machine. Turn it on and accept card payments with no smartphone pairing required.

  • No Bluetooth pairing required

  • Free built-in SIM with unlimited data for transactions

  • Accepts tap, swipe, chip & PIN, and mobile payments

  • Full-colour touchscreen

  • 48-hour on-screen sales history

  • Free access to online payments

  • 30-day money-back guarantee on the device

  • Free nationwide delivery in 1-2 days

Integration with Yoco POS coming soon.

Tap to accept contactless payments on your Yoco Neo, featuring a 48-hour on-screen sales history. Your full sales history is always available in your online Business Portal.

The power of independence.

Our next generation card machine makes accepting card payments simpler than ever.

  1. Turn on your Yoco Neo.

  2. Enter the amount and press the green button to start the sale.

  3. Your customer taps, swipes or inserts their card to pay.

  4. Your money is in your account in 1-2 days.

More than a card machine.

Your Yoco Neo comes with no contracts or fixed monthly fees.

You just pay a small fee per sale capped at 2.95% (ex. vat) that goes down the more you sell.

You also get:

  • Free access to online payments

  • Free Business Portal for performance insights and tracking

  • Expert support 365 days a year

Integration with Yoco POS coming soon.

Your rate goes down as your sales go up.

Drag the slider as per your expected monthly card volume.

You'll get an estimate of your transaction rate for card transactions and online payments.

Our in-person transaction fees are capped at 2.95% per sale (ex. VAT) and go down the more you sell.

Learn more about Fees

Custom rate

Transaction rate ex. VAT

Join 95 000 small business owners using Yoco to get paid every day and grow.

Yoco Neo FAQs

How does it work?

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What cards are accepted currently?

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What is the price and fees involved?

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Why is the Neo more expensive than your other card machines?

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Do I need to buy a SIM card?

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As a current Yoco customer, is the Neo available for me to buy?

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