Vend + Yoco.

The perfect solution for a small business in retail.

Vend + Yoco.

The perfect solution for a small business in retail.

AppointmentGuru + Yoco.

Connect your Yoco and AppointmentGuru accounts to accept payments for your invoices.

Simpler management.

Create, edit and manage your daily appointments and invoices from anywhere.

Built-in invoicing.

Automatically generate and send invoices that close when you get paid with Yoco.

Notify your customers.

Send customisable notifications to confirm, remind and cancel appointments.

The medical market leader.

AppointmentGuru is a proudly South African solution for medical businesses.

It's made for Physios, Biokineticists, Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, Psychologists, Dietitians, Consultants and more.

If your business uses an online appointment system, AppointmentGuru makes appointments, invoicing and management simpler.

Industry-standard invoicing.

Generate Industry-standard invoices straight from your appointments.

AppointmentGuru even lets you include medical ICD-10, NAPPI and procedure codes.

And when you get paid through Yoco, the invoice closes automatically.

A card machine built to integrate.

The Yoco Pro is premium and powerful for bigger small businesses.

The Yoco Pro.
R999 once-off.

Was R1499

  • Accepts tap, swipe, insert and mobile payments.

  • Connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

  • Integrates with business tools like Loyverse, Vend, TabletPOS and more.

  • Fits all Yoco charging stands for an on-counter setup.

  • Tipping functionality for your staff.

  • Free nationwide delivery in 2 working days.

Join 120 000 small business owners using the Yoco to get paid and grow.