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TechOps Engineer

Cape Town

Yoco is a FinTech company. We focus on building tools and services to help small and micro businesses get paid, run better, and grow. We believe in unlocking entrepreneurial potential anywhere, in empowering people to thrive and in driving our economy forward.  
Yoco was founded in 2013. Today we are a company of over 150 people all driven by a common goal: keeping the needs of our customers at heart.  Our vision is Open Commerce and we want to do this to enable people to thrive.
The TechOps team allows Yoco to create new customer value fast.  This is the team that lays and protects the foundation so that we can build amazing things quickly and securely.  They also ensure that, once deployed, our systems are stable, and scale effectively.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Keep our systems running!
  • Assist with the design and deployment of systems infrastructure for installing secure, highly available software at scale.
  • Work within a team of world-class TechOps Engineers, sharing knowledge and collaborating on various projects.
  • Automate common functionality to empower various departments to manage their infrastructure needs independently.
  • Implement, monitor and scale systems that support large amounts of data and requests with a very high percentage of availability.
  • Deploy, update, network, compute, storage, and virtualisation infrastructure for our services and 3rd party tools.
  • Work cross-functionally to understand the requirements for architecting infrastructure according to scale and volume of data.
  • Maintain and improve our CI/CD infrastructure.
  • Establish best practices for security, monitoring, migration and expansion of business systems infrastructure.
  • Assist with troubleshooting and debugging of performance problems and architecture bottlenecks.
Key requirements to perform responsibilities:
  • Have 3+ years expert experience in designing, building and maintaining AWS cloud based infrastructure.
  • Computer Science Degree or equivalent
  • Have hands-on experience on EC2, S3, EFS, RDS, IAM, Security groups, ELB, auto scaling, deployment and migration of environments.
  • Self-directed in debugging issues, identifying faults and enhancing logging of software.
  • Are experienced in IT infrastructure and systems security, cloud or network systems management, and business continuity.
  • Have knowledge of Terraform, Ansible and Kubernetes preferred.
  • Are experienced in writing code in multiple scripting languages such as Python, Ruby, etc.
  • Work collaboratively across the entire organisation on various projects.
  • Are transparent, articulate and driven to succeed.
The Yoco formula is a validated approach to work and a set of behaviours that create maximum value for our customers and help us grow.
Core Values - Our way of working to create value & grow 
  • Stay Connected
  • Make Space to Explore
  • Keep it Simple
  • Master your Craft
Leadership Principles - How we show up, engage & treat each other
  • Get to know each other personally
  • Say what you think and challenge me directly
  • Be courageous and focus forward
  • Don’t let ego get in the way
To support this, we have built a role-based organisation where every individual is given the space to focus and develop their innate strengths. Everyone at Yoco has the opportunity to lead a project and become a specialist, enabling flexibility, collaboration and accountability at all levels. You will be working with a diverse, motivated and skilled team who will continuously stretch you as an individual. To learn more about our culture, go to our #YocoLife page or subscribe to our Exposure Gallery
Join us on a meaningful journey at Yoco, and help enable our merchants to thrive through Open Commerce!
Please note… 
Yoco encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply. Open positions at Yoco are competitive and we often receive high volumes of applicants. If you have not received further updates on your application after three weeks, you’re welcome to request feedback.

Every startup has a story, this is the Yoco story as told by Photographer and Visual Anthropologist, Gregor Röhrig.

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