Chief of Staff

Cape Town

At Yoco, we have experienced an incredible period of growth as the direct result of increased focus, efficiency and productivity. To continue on this trajectory, we are searching for a talented chief of staff to work closely with the CEO and the Leadership Team to act as the glue to ease communications and drive unity. A chief of staff is integral to productivity and effectiveness. At the core, you will drive a strategic communication framework that engages customers, employees and senior leadership within the organisation. You will streamline strategic initiatives and oversee programme management.
Yoco is looking for a dynamic individual, with strong interpersonal skills, character the and proven aptitude to operate in highly ambiguous contexts as the company scales. Yoco expects the successful candidate to perform at a tactical, strategic and operational level, often handling the oversight of projects that do not neatly fit within the organisational chart. In addition to projects that fall between departments or leaders’ areas of responsibility. 
Expect exposure across the business at all levels, with the opportunity to learn a lot in a fast-growing Fintech environment.


Key Responsibilities:
  • Coordinate critical activities in the CEO agenda, helping to set out a weekly, monthly and quarterly plans. Serve as liaison between staff, senior leaders, and CEO, on topics such as organisational performance and health, project updates, proposals, and planning.
  • Programme/Project Management of critical initiatives activated by executives, tracking high priority initiatives and identifying any obstacles and playing a role to connect teams that are working on similar initiatives.
  • Support with the planning and budgeting cycle, business reviews, senior leadership retreats, all-hands meetings and company off-sites. In addition to board meeting preparation (logistics and materials).
  • Define and researching new opportunities through strategic projects, including corporate development opportunities.
  • Provide decision support through data gathering, analysis, and presenting considerations to relevant stakeholders.
  • Support on Strategic Communications (speeches, presentations, letters, memos) with stakeholders (customer, team, board, partners, etc…).
  • Review, design, and execute improvements to org structure find knowledge and skills gaps and help address them, supporting with top-level recruiting activities.
  • Vetting opportunities and requests, playing a gatekeeper role without creating a sense of obstruction.
  • Attending meetings on behalf of the CEO. Helping to manage critical relationships on behalf of the CEO. Assessing all inquiries directed to the executive and determining the proper course of action
Key requirements to perform responsibilities:
  • Business Degree (Honours and above)
  • 5+ years in a management role
  • Proven experience organising and directing multiple teams and departments
  • Excellent communicator in written and verbal form
  • Extremely versatile, dedicated to efficient productivity
  • Experience planning and leading strategic initiatives
  • Proven problem-solving capability
  • Experience with data analysis
  • Management Consulting experience
  • Entrepreneurial experience
  • Strong project reporting skills, with a focus on inter-team communication
The Yoco formula is a validated approach to work and a set of behaviours that create maximum value for our customers and help us grow.
Core Values - Our way of working to create value & grow 
  • Stay Connected
  • Make Space to Explore
  • Keep it Simple
  • Master your Craft
Leadership Principles - How we show up, engage & treat each other
  • Get to know each other personally
  • Say what you think and challenge me directly
  • Be courageous and focus forward
  • Don’t let ego get in the way
To support this, we have built a role-based organisation where every individual is given the space to focus and develop their innate strengths. Everyone at Yoco has the opportunity to lead a project and become a specialist, enabling flexibility, collaboration and accountability at all levels. You will be working with a diverse, motivated and skilled team who will continuously stretch you as an individual. To learn more about our culture, go to our #YocoLife page or subscribe to our Exposure Gallery
Join us on a meaningful journey at Yoco, and help enable our merchants to thrive through Open Commerce!

Please note… 
Yoco encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply. Open positions at Yoco are competitive and we often receive high volumes of applicants. If you have not received further updates on your application after three weeks, you’re welcome to request feedback. 

Every startup has a story, this is the Yoco story as told by Photographer and Visual Anthropologist, Gregor Röhrig.

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