Store Sales Advisor


Yoco is looking for a Store Associate to be based in our Concept Store.

This is an opportunity to work with a great team of people to help build one of South Africa's fastest-growing start-ups as we take on the opportunity of enabling small businesses to accept card payments.  

You'll be tasked with spearheading a new chapter in our growth strategy by driving our retail concept store.  

Our retail store’s purpose is not only to sell our products, but also to build positive customer relationships by offering technical advice and support as well as a pop-up store for selected merchants. 

You will need to be a self-starter with solid retail experience.  You will need to be able to, in an effective and friendly manner, to assist new and existing merchants with live demo’s, support and sales of our products. 

Key Responsibilities:
  • Lead Yoco’s flagship retail store efforts including sales and support
  • Lead the pop-up retail store, including onboarding new merchants and help setting up when we shift merchants
  • Operationalise the strategy in all aspects (processes, infrastructure etc.)
  • Be the link between Yoco’s store team and other Yoco teams
  • Manage the store’s P&L
  • Act as an ambassador for Yoco, its products and its merchants



You’re inquisitive about the way things work and the reasons for why they sometimes don’t. You have a fascination with Fintech, WIFI, mobile phones and all things tech. You were the kind of kid who took things apart and figured out how to put them back together. Someone who loves helping out and makes new friends everywhere you go. Beyond that, you live and breathe retail. You started your own store, stores or managed a store, a franchise or a chain and you enjoy the hustle and bustle and face to face contact in retail. 

If this sounds like you, you’re our kind of mastermind.

Key requirements to perform responsibilities:
  • 2-4 years’ experience in a customer-facing role, preferably with experience in the technology or digital industry
  • Experience in the retail industry, either as manager, store owner or entrepreneur
  • Ability to manage multiple customers at the same time and ensure that customers are having a good experience 
  • Naturally service minded with a love to assist and help customers
  • Lifelong learner, loves a challenge and is a true problem-solver
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Team player
  • Tech savvy 
  • Ability to prioritise and manage your time efficiently
  • Takes initiative and proactively seek out the resources needed to solve the problem at hand
  • Ability to easily adapt to a number of environments
  • Can drive your own boat: the ability to fearlessly use the resources at your fingertips to resolve technical challenges especially when you don't know the answer

Bonus points/nice to have:

  • Knowledge of payments and the mobile Point of Sale space
  • Experience dealing with clients
  • Experience dealing with small businesses and selling their products
  • Experience in Small Business / B2B sales



At Yoco we create space to explore, we keep it simple, we stay connected to our customers and product and work towards mastering our craft. These are our core values and provides every individual at Yoco with an opportunity to grow. To support this, we have built a role-based organisation where every individual is given the space to focus and develop their innate strengths. 

Everyone at Yoco has the opportunity to lead a project and become a specialist, enabling flexibility, collaboration and accountability at all levels. You will be working with a diverse, motivated and skilled team who will continuously stretch you as an individual.  

Join us on a meaningful journey at Yoco and help enable our merchants to thrive through Open Commerce! 

Please note… 

Yoco encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply. Open positions at Yoco are competitive and we often receive high volumes of applicants. If you have not received further updates on your application after three weeks, you’re welcome to request feedback. 


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