Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Cape Town

Yoco is a FinTech company.

We focus on building tools and services to help small businesses get paid, run better, and grow. We believe in unlocking entrepreneurial potential, in empowering people to thrive and in driving our economy forward.  Yoco was founded in 2013.

Today we are a company of over 100 people all driving to a common goal with the needs of our customers at heart.  Our vision is open commerce and we want to do this to enable people to thrive.

The TechOps team allows Yoco to create new customer value fast.  This is the team that lays the foundation so that we can build amazing things quickly and securely.  They also insure that that once deployed our systems are stable and scale effectively.



Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead the design and deployment of systems infrastructure for installing secure, highly available software at scale.
  • Implement, monitor and scale systems that support large amounts of data and requests with high percentage of availability.
  • Deploy, network, compute, storage, and virtualisation infrastructure for our services and 3rd party tools.
  • Work cross-functionally to understand the requirements for architecting infrastructure according to scale and volume of data.
  • Maintain and improve our CI/CD infrastructure.
  • Establish best practices for security, monitoring, migration and expansion of business systems infrastructure.
  • Own the troubleshooting and debugging of performance problems and architecture bottlenecks. 



Key requirements to perform responsibilities:

  • Have 5+ years’ experience in designing, building and maintaining AWS cloud based infrastructure.
  • Have hands-on experience on EC2, S3, EFS, RDS, IAM, Security groups, ELB, auto scaling, deployment and migration of environments
  • Are experienced in debugging issues, identifying faults and enhancing logging of software
  • Are experienced in IT infrastructure and systems security, cloud or network systems management, and business continuity
  • Have knowledge of Terraform, Puppet and Kubernetes preferred
  • Are experienced in writing code in multiple scripting languages such as Python, Ruby, etc
  • Are friendly, transparent, articulate and driven to succeed



Dealing with People

  • Communicating & influencing:Strong communication skills across various mediums, building collaborative relationships internally and externally.

Dealing with Business

  • Preventing & solving problems: Diagnostic information gathering and research, analytical thinking, application of conceptual thinking to problem solving.
  • Achieving results: Proactive/initiative, customer orientated, fostering innovation, continuous improvement mind-set, appreciation of results, business acumen, thoroughness and detail orientated 

Dealing with Self-management

  • Self-confidence, personal credibility, flexibility, adaptability and strong sense of personal accountability



As part of the Yoco team, you will have the opportunity to play a key role in the growth of the mobile Point of Sale opportunity in South Africa.  

To support this we have built a role-based organisation; where every individual is given the space to focus and develop his or her innate strengths. Everyone here has the opportunity to lead a project and become a specialist, enabling flexibility, collaboration and accountability at all levels. 

Yoco, as a Technology company, values the maker, we value craft, we value innovation, but most importantly we value people. We exist to enable people to thrive through Open Commerce.

Get on the rocket ship and let's change the world together. Help us solve real problems that matter to real people in emerging markets around the world.  South Africa is just the beginning, and payments is the start of something bigger. As part of the Yoco team, you will have the opportunity to play a key role in the growth of the business and learn in a rapidly changing environment.

Yoco is on a journey and every member of the team will shape the destination.


Please Note: Thank you for taking the time to apply for this role. Please note that, at times, we receive large volumes of applications and this makes for an extremely competitive selection process. Should you not receive feedback from us within 4 weeks (depending on the urgency to hire), this would mean we are unable to move forward with your application. However, should anything change on our end, we will definitely reach out to you.




Every startup has a story, this is the Yoco story as told by Photographer and Visual Anthropologist, Gregor Röhrig.

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