Lead Data Engineer

Cape Town

Yoco was launched in 2015 and is already supporting more than 30,000 SMEs! As Yoco keeps growing, so will its data. We are wanting a Lead Data Engineer to join our team who is comfortable building data infrastructure that scales exponentially year-on-year in terms of both volume and variety as more complex products are introduced into the ecosystem.

You will be working closely with software engineers and data scientists to enable the delivery of actionable insights in real time. This will include building internal products/tools, utilising open-source software to schedule data jobs, facilitate data flows and enable integration between the core Yoco system, the Yoco Data Warehouse and other cloud-based systems.

If you are passionate about building a world class, scalable data pipeline and warehouse then this is the role for you! Your work will be used to power the Yoco platform: by leveraging the rich data available, the Yoco Data Team is able to add real value to our customers and drive new product development, both internally and externally.



The requirement of being equally comfortable with managing databases and building out systems requires a dynamic individual capable of acquiring new skills at a rapid rate. You will be challenged constantly and required to find creative solutions to complex problems whilst leaning on recent developments in the SaaS space to cut out the majority of manual and repetitive work. Learning from international best practices, e.g. AirBnB, will provide a path to success - you should be familiar with the trends in the industry and their impact to any Data team.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Make decisions around the infrastructure, layout and processes of the Yoco data warehouse, including:
    • working with the engineering team on how to best track and record data
    • following up on data inconsistencies to ensure that it is corrected
    • transforming, standardising and collecting data from various sources
    • collecting information from various sources to augment the business tables
    • assisting with the optimisation of SQL queries from the Data and BI teams
    • scheduling and maintaining batch processing jobs
  • Supporting sophisticated predictive data products:
    • maintaining data science production environments (cloud-based, python)
    • ensuring that the outputs from Data Science models are available and integrated into the system
    • integrating, co-ordinating and maintaining data flows between various sources of data
  • Managing and maintaining cloud service integrations that perform key data functions
    • work towards replacing third-party elements of the data pipeline by using open-source tools



Key requirements to perform responsibilities:

  • 5+ year’s experience in a similar role (e.g. database administrator, data infrastructure engineer)
  • Proficient using Python
  • Advanced SQL/PostgreSQL/Redshift knowledge
  • Experience deploying applications to cloud environments

Bonus points:

  • Computer science degree or equivalent
  • Experience in using Apache-Airflow or other data pipeline tools
  • Familiarity with the structure of data required for reporting and data science projects
  • Experience in leading a team of data scientists/engineers
  • Amazon Web (Data) Services experience (Redshift, Spectrum, S3, Athena)
  • Scala and/or JavaScript and/or Swift and/or React



Dealing with People

  • Communicating & influencing:Strong communication skills across various mediums, building collaborative relationships internally and externally.

Dealing with Business

  • Preventing & solving problems: Diagnostic information gathering and research, analytical thinking, application of conceptual thinking to problem solving.
  • Achieving results: Proactive/initiative, customer orientated, fostering innovation, continuous improvement mind-set, appreciation of results, business acumen, thoroughness and detail orientated 

Dealing with Self-management

  • Self-confidence, personal credibility, flexibility, adaptability and strong sense of personal accountability



As part of the Yoco team, you will have the opportunity to play a key role in the growth of the mobile Point of Sale opportunity in South Africa.

To support this we have built a role-based organisation; where every individual is given the space to focus and develop his or her innate strengths. Everyone here has the opportunity to lead a project and become a specialist, enabling flexibility, collaboration and accountability at all levels. 


Please Note: Thank you for taking the time to apply for this role. Please note that, at times, we receive large volumes of applications and this makes for an extremely competitive selection process. Should you not receive feedback from us within 4 weeks (depending on the urgency to hire), this would mean we are unable to move forward with your application. However, should anything change on our end, we will definitely reach out to you.




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