TabletPOS by iKentoo and Yoco. A perfect partnership.

Streamline your point of sale and card payments with one integrated system. Only with TabletPOS and Yoco.
TabletPOS iKentoo Payments Integration

TabletPOS with Faster, Better, Integrated Payments with Yoco

TabletPOS and Yoco Integration
Increase table turnover

With small affordable card readers every waitron can carry their own and close their tables faster.

Cash up in minutes

Forget about counting paper slips. All the information you need is now in iKentoo.

Reduce Fraud

Tables in iKentoo only close once the Yoco payment is confirmed, reducing your risk of loss.

Collect more tips

Your staff wont lose out on tips thanks to on-device tipping and our integration gives you full reporting.

TabletPOS by iKentoo and Yoco Integration

Taking a payments with TabletPOS and Yoco is quick and simple. What's more is you'll be saving your valuable time because every payments information is stored directly in TabletPOS/iKentoo without manually counting slips.

  • Merchant enters the amount to charge your customer in the app
  • Select Yoco as the payment methos
  • Device performs a quick switch to a pre-populated payment screen on the Yoco App
  • Yoco Card Reader connects to the Phone or Tablet via Bluetooth and the customer enters their pin
  • iKentoo now has all the payment information stored - no need to keep the paper slip

Of course they do. That's why we developed a system where customers can enter a tip right on the Yoco Card Reader. It's so simple we've seen merchants have increased tip amounts of up to 400%. Merchants who use this feature can't express how much happier their staff are.
Watch this video to see how on-device tipping works.

The Yoco Family is more than 10,000 strong
and growing each day

Truth Coffee

Truth CoffeeDavid Donde, Owner
“Yoco has changed the way we do things at Truth. Our waiters no longer have to waste time looking for a card machine, having a wireless card reader on them has increased customer satisfaction and table turn around. Integration between our POS and Yoco has been seamless, if you don’t integrate you are wasting your time.”

Velvet Cake Company

Velvet Cake Co.Jandri van Zyl , Owner
"Yoco has been very helpful in that it has significantly decreased the time it takes for us to process credit card transactions. Our transaction time went from 60 seconds to 13 seconds,  which is a decrease of 79%. This means a customer has less time to wait before indulging in their cupcake!”

General Store

General Store
Colette Robert, Owner
“Yoco makes my life easy. Accepting customers’ payments is a breeze and the device looks great (and gets loads of compliments), which also makes my business look good. The Yoco team are incredible - they are always on hand to help and very supportive. I couldn't ask for more."

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