Where to find the right people

Luckily, the right people are everywhere and there are several online solutions that do the networking for you, and help collect and track applications. But first, remember that your goal is to attract the best fit for the job. See the job advert as just that – an advert for your business and what you have to offer as an employer, aimed at your dream applicant.


In 2017/18 employment costs accounted for 18% of the running costs for businesses, according to Statistics SA. For knowledge-intensive companies this figure averaged 32%.

Resources you can use

Gumtree logo.


Gumtree is what newspaper classifieds used to be. If you are looking for relatively low-skilled candidates it is a cheap and easy place to start. But just because it is easy to do does not mean it will be easy to find the right person. Make your ad stand out to find the right people.

The Giraffe logo.


Giraffe is an online recruitment agency for medium-skilled candidates that has been making waves on the local scene. To fill a single vacancy you can expect to pay from R2990.

Word of mouth

You have a network of people you know, from friends to former colleagues to family. Nowadays your network includes people you know through social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. All of these are a powerful resource when looking for someone to hire. Tap into them and ask around for a person that meets your business’s requirements.

There are many resources out there to help you, but these are a good start for your first employee. Many entrepreneurs get tripped up labour law, especially in South Africa. Understanding the basics will help you avoid getting into trouble. Jump to the next section to find out more.