Registering your business

It used to be the case that registering a business was an admin nightmare. These days you can search for a company name and register online. You may be surprised to learn that you only need valid IDs (or passports) for all the companies directors to register a business.

The process of registering your business

In the past you were required to either register your business directly through the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) or through intermediaries like your bank or your accountant. This process is administratively burdensome.

But now, third-party providers like GovChain offer easy, seamless ways to get your business registered. It’s an exciting step when you decide to make your business official. To get started you can find an official name for your company using Govchain’s name search tool.

Apart from registering my business, is there anything else I need to do?

There are a few other things every company must do in the beginning to be legally compliant:

  • Assign a public officer at SARS
  • Register at SARS for income tax
  • Maintain a company share register

Depending on the type of business you intend to create you may need to do a few other things to keep on top of regulation. A simple way to find this out is to use the Govchain wizard.

A wizard from govchain to help you with the requirements of setting up your business.
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It may seem like a lot of work that you can put off for later, but doing it right at the beginning will save you trouble later. Many businesses go through painful growing experiences because the partners forgot to draft an agreement or the required registration processes were not followed.

Good luck making your business!

Eitan Stern

Founder & Director