Managing a bigger operation

There are only so many hours in a day, so to do more you will have to up your productivity. For most entrepreneurs this means less time working in your business and more time working on your business. As your business grows less of the day-to-day management should take up your time. The strategic thinking about where you need to be in the future and laying down the groundwork for that should be your focus. What does this mean practically?

You will have to manage people

Your job will change from doing to managing the people who are doing and then managing the managers of the people doing the doing. Each step requires a new set of skills and it worthwhile investing some money into developing your management skills.

Mentorship and guidance start to become important

As your business grows you will need guides who have been there and know how to navigate through the growth phase. Finding a mentor is a process of engaging with people whose business sense you admire and who have achieved success, preferably in the same industry. Luckily there are programmes that cater to entrepreneurs like the National Mentorship Movement, that make it easier (it’s never easy) to find a suitable mentor.

What makes our experience a culture is the narrative we share about the 4Roomed home which evokes nostalgia and creates a dialogue to stimulate the township economy. We are dedicated in trying to grow townships. That is our 'why'.

Abigail Mbalo

As you grow your business make an effort to keep in mind your ‘why’ from way back in the beginning of this course. There will be trials and you will need your guiding motivation to break through. We hope you found the information presented in this course useful. Please help us improve it by completing a short survey. 

Good luck in growing your business!

Abigail Mbalo

Founder & Creative Director
4roomed eKasi Culture