It takes money to make money

Siki’s Koffee Kafe

Yoco Merchant #16982

Hi, my name is Siki

I am the owner of Siki’s Koffee Kafe in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. They say it takes money to make money and in some ways this is true. As you start your business you will be in funding mode before your revenue kicks in. You’ll need the money to keep you going as you launch your business, but you need to know what the other side expects for giving you money. This module will help you find sources of funding and it will cover:

  • Debt funding: getting a loan to start your business
  • Equity funding: working with a partner
  • Friends and family funding
  • Bootstrapping your business

Let’s get started!


According to the Art of Getting Started we ran with 4 000 business owners 18% felt that a lack of funding prevented them from starting their businesses earlier.