How to create a brand

In the beginning all you may have is a story.

Theo Baloyi

Your business’s brand is your story. The story of why you are doing what you are doing and the experience you want to give your customers. Creating a brand is more art than science. Famously, Nike got its name and mission after the first employee of its predecessor, Blue Ribbon, had a dream about the Greek goddess of victory. Yes, the most famous brand in the world came from a dream. Here is a bit of the Bathu story.

Bathu shoes in the yellow colourway.
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Here are some tips on finding your brand story:

Why did you start a business? Not the monetary reasons, but the story that drives you. Write it out and keep it as a reference.

Write the story of your ideal client: who they are, what they aspire to be, how you help them, and how your story intertwines with theirs.

Brainstorm possible names and looks for your brand. Here you might need help from friends and family to get the broadest range of options. With tools like Canva creating logos means you do not have to hire a graphic designer.

And then go with your gut. It’s your business and your story – no-one knows the story better than you do. See a bit of my story below to see how you can build your legend.

In the next lesson we talk about the tools you can use to spread your story.