Getting bigger

4roomed eKasi Culture

Yoco Merchant #4921

Hi, my name is Abigail and I am the founder of 4roomed eKasi Culture, a lifestyle concept built around the four-room homes in townships.

My business looks at how to use these spaces for fine dining, accommodation and other applications. I have a passion for helping township businesses, especially as they seek to grow. The principles of growth are sometimes specific to industries, but there are some that apply in almost all cases.


In the most recent quarterly Yoco Pulse survey of small business owners 79% believe that their business will grow in the next year. Download the Pulse to read more about what entrepreneurs like you think about the business environment.

The most important question you need to answer is: do I want to grow? There are many businesses that are happy to continue at their current size. Growth comes with complexity and more work for you as an owner. If you are happy with where you are there is no reason to look to expand. But if you aren’t, in this module we will look at:

  • How you know when it’s time to grow 
  • How to grow your market 
  • Managing a bigger operation

Let’s get started!