How to start your business

Starting a business is hard. Get knowledge from business owners who have done it before and learn how to start your business with Yoco’s six-part course. Available to you for free!



John Doe
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The content must remain relevant to the South African context. I absolutely love what you guys have done in helping entrepreneurs go forward may you continue to grow and change the lives of South African youth and inspire entrepreneurs
John Doe
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Hiring the right people I feel like it is a broad subject that needs to be explored more. Build that out and this will be perfect.
John Doe
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Make sure more people know about this course, it’s brilliant!
John Doe
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Maybe add a section on "How to cut through the red tape of starting a business in SA". Otherwise it's a good intro to business.
John Doe
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Everything was great. Would be nice to see more practical examples, more valuable links of where do entrepreneurs actually get funding and what documents are needed when approaching these investors
John Doe
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You can add more videos. I really loved those.


Tshepo Mohlala in his studio.

Tshepo Mohlala

Creative Director & Founder, Tshepo the Jean Maker
Connecting your business to your purpose can help you survive the trials you face as you start your business. Start your business off right.
Siki Dibela of Siki's Koffee Kafe.

Siki Dibela

Owner, Siki's Koffee Kafe
It takes money to make money. You'll need to be find funding to launch your business. Find out where you can look for capital and what it will cost you.
Eitan Stern from Legalese.

Eitan Stern

Founder and Director, Legalese
The legal structure of your business is an important foundation. How you are set up legally and the relationships you have need to be carefully considered.
Theo Baloyi in his office at Bathu Shoes.

Theo Baloyi

CEO, Bathu Shoes
When you start all you have is a story. Find out how tell yours effectively to your market with the CEO of SA's hottest sneaker brand.
Andrew Leeuw of Sumting Fresh.

Andrew Leeuw

Co-founder, Sumting Fresh
People make a business and they can also unmake it too. Hiring right from the beginning can change the trajectory of your business. Find out how.
Abigail Mbalo of 4Roomed Ekasi.

Abigail Mbalo

Founder and Creative Director, 4roomed eKasi Kulture
When your business blooms you'll need to be prepared for a whole new set of challenges. Get tips on how to grow sustainably.