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Yoco Point of Sale: Customisable Receipts

One of the newer features of the Yoco Point of Sale app is customisable receipts. You can now add branding to your receipts. Find out how.
Branding on receipts produced buy the Yoco Point of Sale app.

You asked, we listened. Having just released the new Yoco Point of Sale we plan to keep on improving by rolling out small releases more frequently. For October, we’re launching something that will benefit every business no matter your size, shape or category: customisable receipts.

You will now be able to add your business logo, slogan and custom text to the receipts you send your customers via SMS or email. Each customisable receipt will also include a link to your social media pages.

Why should you customise your receipts?

Every touch point with your customer is a chance to delight and reinforce your brand. Make sure they remember exactly where they bought that necklace, coffee, or piece of furniture by clearly showing your brand.

How do you create customisable receipts?

Simply head to your Yoco Business Portal. Under the “business” tab to create a customisable receipt. Upload an image of your logo and add in any text you like.

Want more? Send us feedback, ideas, suggestions, and vote on other ideas.

We build and plan our new features using input from small business owners. To make it easy for you to share your thoughts and needs, please head to the Yoco Wishlist.

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