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Yoco Point of Sale: Reporting and Receipt Features

We have added some advanced features to the Yoco Point of Sale and we would like to help you get the most out of this free business tool.
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We have some powerful functionality added to the new Yoco Point of Sale app and we would like to help you get the most of this powerful free business tool. If you haven’t got it yet, it’s available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

We added more functionality for selling, managing your store, configuring your preferences and getting support. We’ve covered the most important features in this 3-part series, starting with Selling and Setting up your products and staff. Now we’re moving onto more advanced features.



You can now customise the receipts that you email to your customers with your company logo, information and more. You can set up your receipts by logging in to your Yoco Business PortalLearn more about customising receipts in this article.

An image of a receipt produced by the Yoco Point of Sale app.


If you’re finding that you’re doing a fair amount of scrolling or searching for your products in the Yoco Point of Sale App, it may be time to consider changing your storefront design or getting a tablet for your business. If you have a tablet, find your best selling products in your Sales Report and make sure the top 5-10 are within one-click on your shortcut page. You can also use naming, adding colours and icons or images to make your products easier to find if you’re selling from the ‘All items’ list.

Advanced Reporting

Gross Profit Reporting

You can now add cost details to products – it will change the way you look at reporting! You will be able to see by brand or category what your gross profits are. Add cost prices for all your products in the Yoco Point of Sale App or Business Portal.

The Sales Report page of the Yoco Point of Sale app.

Business Portal Analytics

In you Yoco Business Portal there are some useful analytics. You can find them by scrolling down on the home page and toggling between the different tabs.

These will help you to better understand your business and customers by seeing how you made sales during yesterday or today’s trade, over the last week or last 30 days. Your Yoco Business Portal becomes more powerful the more you use it and the more Point of Sale features you use.

The homepage of the Yoco Point of Sale app.
A useful new piece of information is the percentage of returning customers and how that changes over time. This can be used to help make sure that your business model and customer behaviour are aligned.

Feature Requests

Do you have some ideas for features that will help you run your business better or improve our product? We’d love to hear them! Head over to the Yoco Wishlist and either vote for one of the requests already there, or add your own. We actively manage and review these, so you’ll be helping us build the next version of our product directly. We look forward to hearing your feedback!
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