The Yoco Point of Sale Update

Yoco Point of Sale

From the first day we went live with Yoco in 2014, we knew we wanted to build out our solutions and create even more value for small business owners. Specifically, the businesses that are all too often ignored by other service providers.

Current point of sale systems that are available on the market are built primarily for advanced businesses with complex needs such multi-location syncing and very in-depth analytics. Yoco integrates with great advanced point of sale systems like Vend and iKentoo to help advanced businesses.

However, if you are a business that is just starting out or trying to establish yourself then you will know it’s difficult to find a system that caters to your needs and fits your budget. You end up using a point of sale system that is too complex for your business or you stick with trusty old Microsoft Excel. The new Yoco Point of Sale is set to change this. 

There are three main things we learned are important for small and new businesses. We’ve built the Yoco Point of Sale with these in mind.

Firstly, entrepreneurship is a crazy, challenging game. You need as much control, flexibility, and speed as you can get. We’ve made sure that the new POS system is easy to setup and customise to your unique needs and simple enough to make sure everything happens quickly.

Next, business happens at any hour, in any place. So, with the new Yoco Point of Sale, any changes you make automatically sync across all devices. And, of course, the POS system can still be run on your phone and tablet — and it looks great on both!

Finally, every cent counts. We understand that paying for a point of sale system, especially when you’re starting out, can take a huge chunk out of your gross profit. This is why the new Yoco Point of Sale app is completely free.

Apart from the slick new look, here are the new features that will soon be available.

Setup your store to your liking

Yoco Point of Sale store setup

The new Yoco Point of Sale will offer you new ways to organise and manage your products.

Product variants

When adding a product to your app you can now include the cost price of the item and add variants with individual pricing. For example, Puma flip-flops (shoes) can be sold per size or colour, or both.

Categories and brands

You can then group products into categories or brands. All your Puma products can live together in the ‘Puma brand’, and all your footwear can live together in a ‘shoes’ category.


Once you’ve added all your products, you can set up your Point of Sale app for fast and easy checkout. For instance, you can create a shortcut screen dedicated to best sellers, ladies’ range, or create a screen just for flip-flops.

Enjoy a seamless customer checkout process

Add a product and ring up the sale

The updated app makes it super quick and easy to find the product you’re looking for thanks to your ability to group products mentioned above. You can add it from your shortcuts screen or search for it. If you have added variants to the product you will get a pop-up that lets you select which variant you want (size, colour, etc.).

Add discounts and tips

If you’re having a sale on a specific product, but don’t want to change the original price, you can easily add a discount to that product at checkout. Alternatively, if your customer is extremely loyal and you would like to reward them, you can add a discount to the entire bill.

Our new app also lets you choose exactly how you want to accept tips. You can add a tip to the bill before payment is taken or you can prompt a customer to add a tip on the card reader when making a card payment. On-device tipping with Yoco was previously only available to businesses using TabletPOS point of sale software, but will now be available to everyone using Yoco Point of Sale.

Accept any payment type

We understand how important it is to cater to your customers’ diverse needs while still keeping everything in one place. This is why you can now accept a range of payment types through our new enhanced Point of Sale app: from card to cash, SnapScan, Zapper and EFT, you’ll now be able to give your customers more choice, and so improve their experience.

Split bills and receipts

Do you own a restaurant or bar? Splitting a bill can be done easily from the payment screen. You can accept multiple payment methods from multiple customers using split bills. Once the customer has paid you can send them a receipt via email or SMS.

Sales tracking is more insightful than ever before

Get sales insights

In your sales history, you’ll be able to see your sales report for a selected date range, broken down by payment type, product, staff member, brands, and categories. This will help you make valuable decisions like which products to promote more and which to say goodbye to. Note that while this will only show on the tablet app, the same information will be available in the business portal.

See your gross profit

When you create a product, you can add in the cost of the item. This will then automatically calculate your gross profit for you.

If all of your items have cost prices added, you will be able to see your gross profit for different brands, categories, and individual products. This will help you make fast decisions on the go. For example, can you afford to offer 20% off flip-flops? What happens if you offer 20% off all Puma products?

The Yoco Point of Sale has started rolling out across the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It will be available to all new and existing Yoco customers.

Thank you to the businesses who took part in our beta program

The following members of the #YocoFamily played a huge role in helping us get to where we are now. Thank you to you and your staff for the thoughtful feedback.

AMITI, Granadilla, The General Store, Max Bagels, Olive Branch Deli, Cafe du Cap, Bonafide Beards, Billyboo’s, Urban Brewing Co., Bikes ‘n Wines, ONEOFEACH, Ground Art Caffe, Breakaway café, Odrin, Seven Circles, Barista Cup, Sovlaking Delicious and The Mussel Monger, Hope Spirits, Moro Gelato, AKAN Organics, The Bakery, Fabulous Flowers, Helon Melon, Shoreline, Opus, LA Barista, Know Thy Farmer, Vertigogear, Starling and Hero Bicycle Café, The Barber Shop Aspen, Tessa’s Bakery, Tao’s Yum Dim Sum – Mobile, Selvedge, Silulo, Khaya, The Candy Shoppe, Specialized Stellenbosch Coffeeworks and Amazi Beauty.

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