Yoco workshop with Google SA and Digify Africa

Yoco workshop with Google SA and Digify Africa

Yoco has worked with thousands of businesses across South Africa. It has been a journey of learning. One thing successful businesses have taught us is that it’s important to be an omnichannel business. Meaning, you need to use many channels to attract and engage with your customers.

The most powerful channel is digital. So Yoco partnered with Google SA and Digify Africa to host a workshop in Durban last month. Our goal was to educate businesses across South Africa on how to best use the digital channel to engage with their customers.

These are the key points that were covered on the day.

  1. Why does digital matter for your business?
  2. The Dos and Don’ts of creating a website
  3. The best apps to help you run your business
  4. How to use the Google My Business app
  5. How to communicate with your customers through Facebook and Instagram

The most beneficial part of the workshop was not what we could teach you, but what you could learn from other attendees. Business owners interacted with people from different industries, locations, and backgrounds. The networking platform was a great way to meet people with similar problems and learn how to solve them.

Watch the full webinar below or browse through the photo gallery on Facebook here.

About the author: Lindsay Hardie

Lindsay HardieLindsay Hardie
Research and Insights

Lindsay has a degree in Marine Biology and Applied Biology from UCT. Equipped with the perfect skills and experience for a role in research, she works with various departments and businesses to provide insights into the products and people of Yoco.

Lindsay turns her findings into useful resources for Yoco's merchants. She also occasionally publishes content on the Yoco blog.

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