The Yoco Business Portal

The Yoco Business Portal

Managing your business can sometimes seem a tad bit overwhelming. In fact, 35% of entrepreneurs say that more efficient administrative processes would reduce the time spent working after hours.

That’s why we’ve created the Yoco Business Portal, to give you easy-to-understand business intelligence in a central place and make your life a little bit easier. Here’s what it’s all about.

Get real-time business insights at a glance

Gross Sales Report

In the new Sales Reports view, you can immediately see how much you sold in any given period, eliminating any complicated calculations. Using the date picker you can select a day, week, month or year and compare your performance to the previous period.

Sales and Product Performance Reporting

You may have a hunch that you sold more cupcakes last Valentine’s Day than this year – now you can know for sure without having to hunt through a year’s worth of paperwork. This view helps you see on which days or in which seasons you sell the most, and adapt your business model accordingly.

Along with knowing how much you sold, you can immediately see exactly which your most successful products or offerings are.

Product Reporting Back Office

But your products and services are just one part of your business. What about the people who run it? With the information provided, you’ll now know that Alice consistently makes the most tips, that Lebo made the most sales last month and that your newer employee, Steven, made his best sales this past week.

Gain immediate control over your business

We understand how valuable your time is. It shouldn’t be a long complicated process to update your product list when things change. That’s why we’ve created the Business Portal in such a way that any changes you make reflect in real time.

For example, if you were to add new items, increase the price of an existing item, or change how it’s displayed – it will reflect immediately in all of your staff members’ apps.

Speaking of staff, you can easily invite team members so that they each have their own Yoco account, at no extra cost. You can also give them permissions according to their positions and manage access to sensitive information (because you never know about the new guy).

Take the hassle out of admin

The Yoco Business Portal Filters

The data provided in the Sales View gives you detailed information about all your transactions. See who processed the transaction, the time it was processed, if the customer paid cash or card and the total amount paid. You also get insight into which items were sold and can view any notes that you added to the transaction.

Transaction Actions

The old days of counting slips for cash up at the end of each day are over! Save time on cash up and monthly recon by exporting all your sales data in one quick and simple step.

The Yoco Business Portal Export to Excel

The team behind the magic

Think the Business Portal is pretty cool? Well you can thank Altus and the product team for it. Rumour has it they also accept gifts in the form of Red Bull and burritos.

The Yoco Business Portal Developers Hard At Work

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