The Yoco Blog Ensuring the Predictable Sale: Yoco at the Root 44 market

Ronald, our business development manager, chats through the innovative solution implemented by Yoco and Wi-Fi Gurus at the Root 44 market.

The Yoco Blog Ensuring the Predictable Sale: Yoco at the Root 44 market

At Yoco our mission is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, which often means we have to find innovative ways to help solve their problems.

One of the areas we recently tackled are markets. They are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa and are often located in the beautiful winelands, forests and other places out in nature. While this always makes for a relaxing Saturday morning, the downside is that most card terminals do not function due to poor signal.

Our business development extraordinaire, Ronald, explains how Yoco partnered with Wi-Fi Gurus and Root 44 to present a first-of-it’s-kind solution to this problem at the market in the Stellenbosch winelands.

The importance of the predictable sale

RonaldHaving worked with entrepreneurs for the past few years, I’ve come to appreciate the incredible amount of hard work that leads up to the point where you are able to make a sale. You came up with the concept, got funding, sourced your materials, crafted your product, invested in marketing and kept fighting to reach the point where you have a willing customer right in front of you. But then…

As the customer is ready to pay, they pull out their credit card. You lift your card reader to the sky hoping to grab onto whatever remnants of signal you can find, but once again you’re out of luck. Or maybe this time luck is on your side – but can you afford to rely on luck every time you need to make a sale?

Mobile Payment for Markets Root 44

The Yoco solution

When it comes to payments you want predictability. The feeling of victory should be secure at the point when the customer pulls out their card. With that in mind, we embarked on a project with Wi-Fi Gurus and Root 44 to ensure that traders using Yoco at the market never miss out on a sale. The solution comes in the form of a dedicated internet line that provides fast, secure and stable card payments to traders transacting with Yoco.

“Our Craft Beer stall at the Root 44 market is all about quick service. We recently started using Yoco and it helped us significantly by speeding up all card transactions. Yoco is the answer.”

Neels Truter, Bar Manager at Root 44

Root 44 hosts a weekly market for over 100 traders and boasts close to 2000 visitors on any given weekend, making it one of the largest markets in the Western Cape. When we approached them offering a solution to improve the connectivity of payments for their traders, it was a perfect match. Their traders now benefit from secure card payments and the market visitors no longer have to queue for ages at the ATM.
Credit Card Payments For Markets

Following Through With The Promise

The project was a large one, with Wi-Fi Gurus spending 7 days installing 500 meters of cable and transforming the market from zero coverage to 10 000 square meters of fast, reliable connectivity. Traders using Yoco get exclusive access to a dedicated Yoco internet line, ensuring that all transactions are clean, fast and uninterrupted by a sudden influx of users.

Root44 Market Mobile Payments

Root 44 has become the first market in South Africa to make use of this technology to empower their traders, and help ensure continued success of their lively market. So what’s next you wonder? Watch this space for more Yoco innovation.

Click here to see all that Root 44 has to offer, including food, drinks, music, crafts and activities.

To find out how Yoco can help grow your business, visit our website.

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