What you missed at My Business Expo 2019

What you missed at My Business Expo 2019

Being a small business owner in South Africa is often a challenging and isolating experience. Many entrepreneurs cite financial constraints, a lack of government support and information, and a difficult business environment as the reason why their businesses struggle; which is why events like My Business Expo are so important for the small business ecosystem.

What is My Business Expo?

My Business Expo is one of the largest conferences and networking events in Africa for people who want to start and grow a business. The conference runs over two days on an annual basis and is hosted by the National Small Business Chamber. With 250 exhibitions, 25 000 delegates and over 50 different seminar topics it is a mecca for entrepreneurs and, unlike many other conferences of this type – it’s free! Since 2016 the Expo has offered entrepreneurs a platform to network with peers, meet companies that cater to small businesses, and hear insightful presentations and talks from leaders and experts.

This year the event had different sessions running simultaneously in two zones. Industry experts gave talks focussed on either Tech or Finance and attendees could jump between them depending on their interests.

What were the highlights?

The broad range of topics on offer had something for everyone to enjoy. Some of the top talks over the two days included:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to protect your intellectual property (IP) presented by Reinard Kruger of Spoor and Fisher. The presentation included information on registering a business, trademarking your business, and tips on how to secure your IP.
  • A talk by Grant Field, CEO of FedGroup, who spoke on future-proofing your business in a rapidly changing world. A favourite quote from the talk: “Continuously put yourself in rooms that will help you grow”.
  • Toure Owen from Google Africa was also a favourite amongst attendees. His presentation focussed on how entrepreneurs can grow their business and reach customers by improving their online presence.
  • Kerstin Jatho, CEO of 4Seeds, talked about the importance of your personal well-being in running a business. As she puts it: “Happiness is the most underutilised tool, it leads to thriving and reaching your absolute best potential.”

Other worthy mentions include Danie Matthee from OUTsurance, who spoke about investing in knowledge. Dr Sam Koma, the Research Head at Milpark Education, gave a well-received talk on unlocking the potential of township entrepreneurs amongst other talks from a broad range of industry experts.

Why you should attend My Business Expo 2020?

The My Business Expo conference has grown exponentially and improved its offering over the years, with more organisations exhibiting and people attending with each edition. If you are looking for a great platform to learn, exhibit your business and network with your peers, you should consider making the Expo a fixture on your calendar.

To find out more about the Expo go to https://www.mybizexpo.co.za

About the author: Sibahle

SibahleSibahle describes her superpower as making good coffee disappear, the fuel that helps her drive the Experiential Eventing channel at Yoco. She graduated from UCT with a degree in Public Policy and Literature. Sibahle has worked in Events Management for six years in the corporate sector and joined Yoco after finishing a postgraduate diploma in Business Communications and Marketing from UCT.

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