Talking Tech and Collaboration with The Threads Project and Xero

Talking Tech and Collaboration with The Threads Project and Xero

There are two principles we see as key to business growth:

  • Using smart technology
  • Collaborating with people who believe in your mission

In November last year, Yoco joined forces with the Threads Project and Xero to help empower small business growth – a mission we’re all passionate about.

Watch the video to see what happened and read on to learn more about how you can get involved with these companies.

How does this collaboration help small businesses grow?

1: Creating Awareness

If you’ve ever tried to sell something you know that the first step is to get eyeballs on your product.

How will people find you? You need an audience that extends past your mom and your Facebook friends. That’s where the Threads Project comes in.  

Threads project is a collaborative space which provides entrepreneurs, designers and tinkerers with affordable retail and online space to sell and promote their products. Over the last few years, Threads Project has built up a solid community of both new and experienced entrepreneurs who help each other by sharing their learnings, trusted sources and suppliers.

“We encourage young and not so young entrepreneurs to come into this space and make the barriers to entry as low as possible” – Greg, Founder of the Threads Project.

Threads Project offers a number of custom packages at different price levels so you can pick what’s right for your business. Want to get involved? Find out how here.

Threads Project | Yoco Collaboration

2: Accepting Payment

Now that you have eyes on your products thanks to Threads Project, you need to make sure people can pay for your product. That’s where Yoco steps in. We develop smart tech solutions to help you accept card payments and track what you sell. 

Some of the small businesses using Yoco and Threads Project to grow their business include:


Sexy socks

Lumio Leather

Chiumbo Kidswear

Yoco collaboration with Xero and The Threads Project

3: Optimising and Improving

The real fun starts once the money comes in: It’s time to focus on how you can optimise and improve. Ask yourself how you can sell more, what the right price is, if your margins are high enough and if you can lower your overheads.

Enter Xero – a cloud-based accounting platform that’s changing the game for small businesses. Expenses and sales are tracked and stored with ease. Reports are generated quickly so you and your accountant can focus on what matters interpreting what your business needs.

Collaboration with Xero | Yoco

Give it a try by signing up for a free 30-day trial here.

You can find out more about how Yoco integrates with the Xero to make admin easier by visiting:


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