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Biltong Rules SA selling at a market in Durban.

How to start selling at markets

Tons of work goes into reaching the point where you’re at a market and making sales. Get tips on how to start selling at markets – successfully!

A list of December markets in South Africa.

The best December markets

We may not have snow as a background, but our best December markets are top-notch. Find the best places to shop in the festive season.


From market stall to restaurant: 4 things you need to know

Growing a business from just selling at a market to a full blown restaurant is a huge task. Massive in fact. Colossal even. We caught up with two brave souls who have managed to pull it off – and picked their brains to see what advice they had to share


Why the My Place Group is going places

Meet Kyle Dods. He’s the mastermind entrepreneur behind the incredibly fast growing company – My Place Group. Kyle started My Place as a holding company that develops product specific food stalls which specialise in doing one food product, deliciously, spectacularly, fantastically well. So far he has 2 tasty retail brands, Sovlaking

Yoco At The Root44 Market

Ensuring the Predictable Sale: Yoco at the Root 44 market

At Yoco our mission is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, which often means we have to find innovative ways to help solve their problems. One of the areas we recently tackled are markets. They are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa and are often located in the beautiful winelands,