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Jennifer Cernades of Orejen in Johannesburg.

Orejen: Opening the door to business

Orejen began back in the 80s as a boutique homeware workshop, now it makes windows and doors for a niche market. See Jennifer’s journey below.

Lethabo Mokoena of Walk Fresh.

Walk Fresh: Stepping up the game

Read the Walk Fresh story rewriting the township narrative. Lethabo is all about creating hope with his sneaker cleaning business.

The logo of #Escape in Johannesburg. They share their finance lessons in this article.

Finance lessons from #Escape

Stratis Kouvdis, an accountant, shares finance lessons he has learnt on his entrepreneurial journey creating Hashtag Escape in Johannesburg

Mad Giant Beer and Yoco

Learnings from Giants and Madmen

When we asked Eben Uys how he came up with the name ‘Mad Giant’ he looked at us with a crooked smile and explained: “When your dreams are as big as giants you have to be a madman to chase them.” Eben is the type of down to earth guy

Grain Food and Wood Entrepreneur Story

Entrepreneur Story: Grain Food and Wood

Grain Food and Wood (or just Grain if you’re on a first name basis) is all about health. Not just healthy eating but healthy living in every sense of the word. The brainchild of two university friends, Lare and Gerrie, it’s a restaurant, retail space and showroom in Johannesburg’s vibrant