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Find insights and advice to help you start, grow and run your business.

insights and advice

How to sell on Instagram: Yoco’s guide for beginners | Part 2

Selling on Instagram doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated – we discuss how to take advantage of all the features that’ll give you the most out of your business profile.

product design
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The Yoco recipe for customer empathy

Before we can create products and services that are meaningful and our customers love to use, we need to understand who they are, and what they need.

sell on instagram-yoco
insights and advice

How to sell on Instagram: Yoco’s guide for beginners | Part 1

Instagram is one of the most powerful places to do business online. First, we’ll look at how to optimise your business’s profile so you are perfectly set up to start selling on Instagram.

keep it simple
insights and advice

Set your business up for success by keeping it simple

Simplicity became a way of life at Yoco. It became our daily mantra for ensuring that we committed to clear objectives and then delivered on those to the very best of our ability.

insights and advice

Master your craft: Focus on what you do best, and delegate the rest

Part of the reason we developed the Yoco Formula is that it prioritises growth both on personal and professional level.

finances and funding

10 things you can do to tackle the risk of small business failure

Small business failure has spiked since the onslaught of Covid-19, and has many entrepreneurs in a panic. Here’s how to tackle the risks, head on.

yoco-formula-make space to explore
insights and advice

Making space to explore: curious enough to experiment, bold enough to fail

One of our core values is to ‘make space to explore’. It speaks to prioritising, carving out time, and starting endeavours with this mindset.

insights and advice

How to get email marketing right (in five easy steps)

Email remains the marketing channel with the highest ROI. Here’s how to tap into the power of the inbox.

hiring and employees

7 budget-friendly ways small business owners can motivate staff

Thanking and rewarding your employees is a crucial exercise that ultimately benefits your bottom line. And the good news is, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

staying connected - yoco formula
insights and advice

Staying connected: how Yoco’s customers played a pivotal role in innovation

By staying connected and transparent, we learnt a great deal from the people inside and out the business. Our customers helped us to find our way through the choppy waters, by listening attentively to their needs.

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Yoco App

Seven things you didn’t know the Yoco App could do

An image of the new Yoco Tap feature.

Yoco Tap: Refresh the till point experience

Jennifer Cernades of Orejen in Johannesburg.

Orejen: Opening the door to business

New Year's fireworks in an article about setting up your business for the new year.

Get your business off to the right start in the new year


COVID-19 Lockdown: Level 2 Explained


A marketer’s guide to gift vouchers

Gcobani Gogoba from Barista CUP in Cape Town.

Why you need a business purpose

Nick Jacobs, software developer on open by Yoco.

Nick Jacobs: From London to Yoco

Why your business needs to start accepting card payments.

5 reasons your business should accept credit card payments in South Africa

Tina Ngxokolo’s story: culture, fashion and business

How to use colour psychology in e-commerce to boost sales

The logo of #Escape in Johannesburg. They share their finance lessons in this article.

Finance lessons from #Escape

A barista in an article about increasing tips the Yoco way.

How to increase your tips – the Yoco way

Gugu Nkabinde, CEO and founder of Gugu Intimates.

Gugu Intimates: Nude underwear for African women

A stall for Granadilla Swimwear.

Granadilla Swimwear: In love with summer

e-commerce metrics

7 e-commerce metrics to learn and use for your online store


Starting a business: getlion shares 5 tips to keep in mind

A photograph of the Yoco data team.

Meet the Yoco Data Team


Yoco for WooCommerce | From sign up to set up in less than 10 minutes

Lizwe Thabethe of Project Inflamed in Johannesburg.

Project Inflamed lights up menswear

The Hope on Hopkins distillery in Cape Town.

Hands on at Hope on Hopkins

The Yoco Business Portal screen in article about the uses of the Portal for reconciling accounts and in the course on small business finances.

Yoco POS Sales Reconciliation


9 top email marketing benefits for small businesses

Inside a Beerhouse founded by Randolf Jorberg.

The story of Beerhouse

An image of a coffee shop in an article on beating a sales slump.

Beat the sales slump: working on your marketing


Accepting payments with Apple Pay and your Yoco card machine

The Yoco team at the Happiness Factory.

The Happiness Factory: 5 secrets to sweet success


Small businesses and Coronavirus: the way ahead

Natasha Napoli, the owner of Nourish'd Cafe in Cape Town.

How Natasha made Nourish’d Cafe and Juicery

Part 2: Looks fade. Personalities don’t.

A new feature from Yoco that allows you to add tabs to an order.

“Add it to my tab”: Now you can

5 tips to increase retail sales this (Covid-19) Christmas

An area that is being cleaned up by Durban Green Corridors.

Green Corridors: Looking after Durban


10 things you can do to tackle the risk of small business failure

MBV emporium

MBV Emporium: a dream shop filled with conversation starters