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Mad Giant Beer and Yoco

Learnings from Giants and Madmen

When we asked Eben Uys how he came up with the name ‘Mad Giant’ he looked at us with a crooked smile and explained: “When your dreams are as big as giants you have to be a madman to chase them.” Eben is the type of down to earth guy


Why the My Place Group is going places

Meet Kyle Dods. He’s the mastermind entrepreneur behind the incredibly fast growing company – My Place Group. Kyle started My Place as a holding company that develops product specific food stalls which specialise in doing one food product, deliciously, spectacularly, fantastically well. So far he has 2 tasty retail brands, Sovlaking


Entrepreneur Story: Return of The Stack

Have you been looking for a place to unwind after work and perhaps do some networking? Look no further than The Stack. Founded by husband and wife team Nigel Pace and Sarah Ord, this quirky members club meets restaurant meets bar is taking Cape Town by storm. Check out their

South African young entrepreneurs share their business advice

Business advice from entrepreneurs

When you’re starting a business, you often have to find your way and learn as you go. Every day is a new challenge and a new problem to solve. This is why we’re incredibly inspired by young entrepreneurs that take the risk and make owning their own business a reality.

Rootbar South African Entrepreneur Story Visa Mastercard

Entrepreneur Story: Rootbar

You may have heard of the “Root of all evil” but have you ever heard of the “Root of all good”? If not, then it’s time you pay Rootbar a visit. Bryan and Colette started their businesses to give people access to the benefits of juicing (basically they take all

Grain Food and Wood Entrepreneur Story

Entrepreneur Story: Grain Food and Wood

Grain Food and Wood (or just Grain if you’re on a first name basis) is all about health. Not just healthy eating but healthy living in every sense of the word. The brainchild of two university friends, Lare and Gerrie, it’s a restaurant, retail space and showroom in Johannesburg’s vibrant

Entrepreneur Story - Four and Twenty Cafe

Entrepreneur Story: Four and Twenty Cafe

They say there’s nothing quite as intense as a moment of clarity when you suddenly see what’s really possible for you. For some entrepreneurs, the decision to start a business is a long carefully analysed process. For others, it’s simply a moment where you know “this is it”. We sat

Leopold 7 Business Success Story

Entrepreneur story: Leopold 7

Re-kindling a love for beer from their university days, Marquis and Alex started their own brewery to turn a beloved pastime into a full time job. With Leopold 7 being around for just over a year, they have a good understanding of how daunting starting a new business can be.