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A new feature from Yoco that allows you to add tabs to an order.

“Add it to my tab”: Now you can

No more remembering orders or writing them down on pieces of paper. Make use of the new Saved Bills feature to add tabs for your customers.

Burgers from Smokin' Joes restaurant.

Passion fuels the fire that lights up Smokin’ Joe’s

Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up. We caught up with Mo – a partner at Smokin’ Joe’s – to find out how the boxing-themed joint has gained fame and fortune in Durban’s burger scene.


For the Conscious: Unwrapped entrepreneur story

Successful people never stop learning. It’s key to staying ahead of the game in any walk of life. Being curious is great; it’s a pathway to good ideas. But to be able to educate others is even better. And to do it in a way that people enjoy? That’s truly


Durban City Series: The Happiness Factory’s 5 Secrets to Sweet Success

Durban is a beautiful city. It’s also rich with small business success stories, which we’ve been exploring in our Durban City Series. In Part Two, we caught up with Muhammad and Naseera Haffajee, who founded The Happiness Factory in 2010. Their first piece of advice, in business and in life,


Durban City Series: 5 pieces of advice from Colombo Coffee

Durban has often been in the shadow of its big sisters. As vivid and vibrant as Johannesburg and Cape Town are, The Warmest Place To Be holds its own in every department. Perceptions change, and people now realise that there’s much more to Durban than beaches, bars and a bohemian


Yoco Capital Stories – Sushi Box

When it comes to getting access to capital, the challenges faced by small businesses are well documented. But big businesses struggle too. Sushi Box is a Capetonian institution. Launched in 2013, the popular restaurant chain now boasts six outlets. The latest of these just opened at Constantia Uitsig. It brings


For the Purposeful: Nourish’d Cafe and Juicery entrepreneur story

There are those that know their path in life from an early age. Others find out later, when struck by the lightbulb moment we call an epiphany. A few years ago, Natasha Napoli wasn’t sure where life would take her. Today, her path couldn’t be clearer. “I think my earliest