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A failed payment on a Yoco card machine as seen on the connecting mobile device.

Why your payment failed

A failed payment at the till is the most awkward situation you can face as a business owner. What do you do? Read this piece and get help.

Jennifer Cernades of Orejen in Johannesburg.

Orejen: Opening the door to business

Orejen began back in the 80s as a boutique homeware workshop, now it makes windows and doors for a niche market. See Jennifer’s journey below.

Tips on taking your business to the next level.

Business tips to go the next level

We’ve put together four simple and easy-to-implement business tips that will help you grow your business and take it to the next level.

Business Purpose

Building a business with purpose : 3 SA entrepreneurs to inspire you

It’s essential for every business to have a clear purpose. One that you can easily communicate and everyone can get on board with. A strong, clear purpose will help you: Define your target audience. Attract staff and partners who believe in what you do Maintain focus on core areas Create


Making the great escape: Meet ex-accountant Stratis Kouvdis

Put down the sudoku, the Sunday crossword puzzle and whatever the latest puzzle you have on your phone is. It’s time to step it up a notch and become your very own Sherlock Holmes meets James Bond. Hashtag Escape, Johannesburg’s biggest adventure game, was founded by Stratis Kouvdis and Chris Tsatsarolakis

Mbali Rose Hair

Mbali Rose Hair: Where women go to find their crowns

Your hair forms a critical part of your identity. It’s the first thing people notice when you enter the room. It’s your crown. A public symbol of your personal choices. When you start to consider how seriously women take hair care, it’s not surprising that the industry is valued at

Excellent Support At Yoco

Support at Yoco – we’ve got your back

We’ve all been there – you need something fixed urgently and instead of answers you get put on hold by a robot voice and have to listen to annoying elevator style music. Now imagine being put on hold while you watch a sale walk out the door. Not great. Unfortunately,