Business advice from entrepreneurs

Business advice from entrepreneurs

When you’re starting a business, you often have to find your way and learn as you go. Every day is a new challenge and a new problem to solve. This is why we’re incredibly inspired by young entrepreneurs that take the risk and make owning their own business a reality.

We chatted to some of the young entrepreneurs using Yoco to find out what they’ve learnt along their journeys and their advice for fellow young business owners. Here’s what they had to say:

Lakota Inspirations

“You can start small, you don’t need a huge budget. Take the thing that you love doing and keep doing it. You figure things out as you go.”

– Latasha and Joshua, Lakota Inspirations

Latasha (23) and Joshua (27) have a great passion for Native American culture and have created unique jewellery, accessories and decor to reflect just that.

Their advice to young entrepreneurs highlights the fact that you shouldn’t feel constrained by resources or budget – if you are truly passionate about your idea, starting small and learning as you go is a great way to get your business off the ground.

Steampunk Culture

“Take the leap of faith, it is so worth it! You are in control of your future.”

– Bradley, Steampunk Culture

Bradley (24) started coffee shop Steampunk Culture in order to bring coffee culture to KZN.

For him, there is nothing more rewarding than looking back and seeing how you’ve progressed every day, month or year. His advice to young people looking to start a business highlights this – the leap is worth it!

Wild Thing

“Do everything consistently every day because things take time to get going. You’ve gotta trust that it will grow.”

– Lexi and Dom, Wild Thing

Wild Thing, a yoga and body conditioning studio was founded by Lexi and Dom (24) just under a month ago.

Their advice touches on how important it is to have confidence in your idea, because it often takes time for things to gain momentum. Do not get discouraged when things do not work out immediately – keep pushing.


“Accept and embrace constructive criticism and be willing to ask for help when it is needed.”

– Annette and Holly, Lokoh

Holly and Annette (23) are both passionate about creating a community that inspires change, connection and empowerment to help people grow. Lokoh is a lifestyle brand that aims to achieve just this.

Their advice highlights the importance of being humble and open to constant learning.

Orchard on Long

“It’s about the small victories. Focus on what you’ve achieved every day. It doesn’t have to be big, it’s just about progress.”

– Tim, Orchard on Long

Orchard on Long is a juice and health bar founded by Tim (23) in order to bring his love of the juice culture to Cape Town.

Focussing on what he’s achieved every day has allowed him to keep moving forward and keep the business from stagnating.

Top advice from the Inspired, the Wild, those who are a little Lokho and those who are in it for long haul. We can’t wait to see what these business owners have in store for the future. Keep an eye out for the full story behind each of these businesses, coming soon.

About the author: Robyn

RobynRobyn - Social media and community manager

When you’re engaging with Yoco on social media, Robyn is the girl you’re talking to. She loves learning from our community and seeing small businesses thrive. In her spare time you’ll find her off hiking in some forest, curled up with a book or singing karaoke (badly).

After graduating with a B.Bus Sci degree from UCT, she found Yoco and jumped in head first. She now manages Yoco’s social media profiles and online community, and writes an article or two for the blog.

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