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Meet the Yoco Growth Team

Meet the Yoco Growth Team. Find out what a growth team does, who's in it and why they love what they do and see how they drive Yoco's growth.
Maya Liepaz of the Yoco Growth Team.

The ‘Yoco record’ for fastest online signup by a customer is 3 minutes and 38 seconds. There are very few payments companies who can boast that their on-boarding process is this fast, but we can. This is thanks to the Yoco Growth team.

This three person crew spend their time trawling through data to help the rest of the Yoco team to optimise our processes and make the best decisions possible.  Some people in the team think they use magic to get results. Others believe they’re unicorns. So we did a bit of investigating and discovered a few of their secret weapons:

  • Typeform for surveys
  • Intercom and Campaign Monitor for customer communications
  • Hotjar and Google Analytics for website feedback
  • Trello for project management

Working with the Product and Operations teams, the Growth team run experiments to find the fastest and most efficient flow for getting new Yoco merchants from signup through to transacting with their credit card machine.

Now that you have an idea of what they do, let’s get to know the Growth team a bit better.

Maya aka Boss Lady

“I love thinking about creative ways to move numbers and solve problems, and then watching the results.”

Maya heads up our Growth team and comes from a very diverse background – she’s run an extreme water sports centre, owned a bar, and is also a graphic designer.

Her favourite thing about Yoco is being able to work with so many brilliant and creative minds, all with great personalities. Since joining, Maya has come to appreciate how open the startup industry is. People from all over the world are always happy to connect and share their knowledge, which creates a supportive and growth-oriented community.

When Maya’s not at work she’s happiest creating pretty and smart things.

Alex aka Phaze aka That Growth Guy

I know that every time I step into the office I'm going to learn something new, which is important to me.

Alex joined us about six months ago. Working here has taught him that pushing yourself and expanding your knowledge is the key to success. Before joining the team he was a full-time music producer and DJ under the alias Phaze, and has had his music played on BBC Radio 1xtra. He still produces some beats in his spare time.

To Alex, being part of the Growth team is rewarding because he’s able to think creatively and out the box to solve complex problems, and the company values are in line with his personal values.

Lauren aka Valerie aka Unicorn Lady

My work allows me to create structure, and make processes and systems more seamless for the whole team and for our merchants.

Lauren is a recent graduate from AAA School of Advertising and started as an intern in the Growth team. She’s now in a permanent position and her favourite thing about her job is the people she gets to work with every day. Lauren has learned that communication is the most important part of any business. Not only communication with the people or businesses using our products but within the company as well.

Outside of work, Lauren has a wide range of interests. She loves to do obstacle courses, is learning to play the ukelele, and enjoys a good book and going to gym in the mornings before work.

We’re looking for more Yoco’s to join our diverse and innovative team. If you’d like to be part of one of the fastest-growing startups in South Africa, have a look at our careers page here.

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