Meet the Yoco Finance Team

Get to know what’s different about how we do finance, and meet the Yoco finance team that makes it all happen behind the scenes.
Fabian of the Yoco Finance Team.

We know that as a small business your cashflow is like water to your business – you need it to be healthy for your survival. Being a growing business ourselves, we thought it would be useful to share a bit about how we approach Yoco finance.

Our view of Finance is that it should enable everyone in the company to reach the business goals. The Finance team take ownership for Yoco’s financial performance and ensure that we’re relaying the right information to the right people at the right time. There are no frills and fuss – they aim to empower and support the business in the simplest manner.

What we find works for us is to always be open to better ways of doing things. Processes and procedures are not set in stone. The team are flexible and always trying to streamline, automate and better themselves and the work they produce.

Without further ado, here’s some more about the team behind the money.

Fabian aka Fabes aka Fabulous

We are building something awesome that’s empowering entrepreneurship across Africa.

Fabian describes his role at Yoco as “a firefighter, a bank, a negotiator, a solutionist and a facilitator. And oh yes, I account for stuff…” He loves that every day at work is different and that there is constant learning and figuring out the best way to do things. Working at Yoco there is a feeling that we are at the early stages of something really big. For Finance with all our touch points into this journey, it feels that I am making a tangible contribution every day.

The biggest thing Fabian has learnt since joining the team is how big the opportunity is to help small businesses thrive (also that millennials aren’t all that bad). Outside of the office Fabian’s a family guy and loves spending time with his son, Cole. He’s also passionate about property and seeing how places and buildings transform over time.

Lee-Ann aka Litchi Pop

There’s never a dull moment. I've wished for a boring uneventful day but it's never happened! I'm always learning something new.

Lee-Ann’s our Finance Rockstar and has been here since the very early days of Yoco. She loves that she gets to provide insights into what’s happening in the business to all departments, which enables decisions to be made. Her day to day job entails cashflow management, budgeting and forecasting, data analytics, reporting and keeping people calm (but she says the thing most people remember about her role is that she pays their salaries).

“Working at Yoco has taught me that it’s ok to make mistakes and that trial and error is the only way to learn. There will always be new challenges and something to try and figure out. Never be afraid to ask a question – someone’s got the answer.”

When she’s not making sure that we don’t go bankrupt, Lee-Ann loves to dance tango and travel to exotic locations.

Bradley aka Bradels

“My favourite thing about my job is being able to forecast and see the potential of Yoco to make a real dent on the future for SMEs in Africa.”

Bradley is one of our co-founders and also heads up our Finance team as the CFO. Before Yoco he worked at Rocket Internet as a Venture Development Manager and took care of the CFO functions for (Rocket’s new venture at the time, based in Nigeria). This is also where he met fellow co-founder, Katlego.

“My days are a good mix between overseeing the Data, Risk & Finance units that ensure we’re on top of how the business is performing. I also work with the management team to make sure we keep focused on achieving our financial goals and planning for the future.”

Any company has two super important resources – financial and human capital. For Brad, working with the Finance team is meaningful as it enables him and his fellow directors to take care of these resources, and ensure we’re making the best use of what we have. Since forming Yoco, the biggest thing Bradley has learnt is that a bit of patience goes a long way.

Vuyani aka Tati aka New School

I get a front row seat to learning how to run a dynamic and rapidly growing business. I get to learn things I would never have the opportunity to experience at a corporate.

Vuyani loves that he gets to learn from people who broaden his way of thinking. Fresh out of his B.Com Financial Accounting degree at UCT, he looks after perfecting our financial statements and accounting for business transactions. This allows him to gain an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of Yoco through the numbers.

“The financial statements tell the story of an organisation and gives credibility to the vision and hard work of the team. I want to make sure that story is told and is told right.”

Since joining the team, Vuyani has learned not to hesitate, but instead to take initiative. He’s found that open dialogue is the best way to get to an answer. On the weekends you can find him watching series, listening to new music or reading up on things that pique his curiosity.

We’re always looking for more Yoco’s like Fabian, Lee-Ann, Bradley and Vuyani to join our team! Have a look at our careers page for current openings in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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