Meet the Humans of Yoco: The Support Team

Meet the Humans of Yoco: The Support Team

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner you know how important every sale is. We understand this very well at Yoco because we’re a start up business ourselves. That’s why we’ve expanded on the traditional way of doing inbound support to include reaching out to customers when they experience issues (before they contact us). You can’t afford to not be able to accept payments and we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

For more insight into our approach to customer support and the tools we use, read this article.

Our support team are the superstars behind it all. Their days consist of assisting customers on incoming calls, emails and in-app messages. They also reach out to businesses before they know that there’s an issue with their card reader (a first in South Africa). On top of that they train the team and offer second line support after hours.

We’re sure by now you’re wondering “who are these superhuman individuals?”. It’s our pleasure to introduce to you, the Yoco Support Team.

Lebo aka Lebs aka Lebzizolo

“When our merchants grow we also grow with them.”

Lebo is our support queen and has been helping our #YocoFamily members transact smoothly for a year and half. After working as an exchange student at Canada World Youth, she joined the Yoco team and has come to really value her colleagues as true friends. Her favourite thing about her job is speaking to different people every day and helping their businesses grow. Outside of work, Lebo is passionate about the social development of young women, and loves to read and tour the globe in her spare time.


Jihaad aka Ji aka Gee

“For me Yoco is important as we are helping South Africans become self reliant and in turn it helps South Africa.”

It’s said that great work happens when you believe in what you’re doing, and Jihaad is a prime example of that. Ji truly believes in Yoco’s message and mission. Coming to work every day is a pleasure because he loves the team and feels that his contribution is valuable. He comes from a support background in the ISP industry and enjoys exploring, laughing with friends and family and playing video games in his spare time.


Anele aka Annie

“I love being at the receiving end of “it worked” and the smile that comes with it.”

Anele is a new addition to the team and joined us after working as a risk agent. The most meaningful part of his job is the fact that he can make a real difference where it matters most to a small business. Yoco has taught Anele not to worry when things don’t work the way you expect – just try to find an alternative. He’s passionate about trying different things and stays busy by reading, hiking and spending time with friends.


Vanessa aka Miss V

“It’s better to be proactive than do damage control.”

Vanessa has worked in customer support in the financial sector, and just recently joined us at Yoco. Her favourite thing about her role is reaching a solution before a merchant even knows they have a problem. For Miss V, support at Yoco means going the extra mile. Making sure card transactions run smoothly and responding quickly all help small businesses grow. When she’s not helping the #YocoFamily transact, you can find her watching movies with the girls, and spending quality time with her new born princess and her family.

We’re looking for more Yoco’s to join our passionate, fast-growing team! If you’re interested, have a look at our job openings here.

About the author: Robyn

RobynRobyn - Social media and community manager

When you’re engaging with Yoco on social media, Robyn is the girl you’re talking to. She loves learning from our community and seeing small businesses thrive. In her spare time you’ll find her off hiking in some forest, curled up with a book or singing karaoke (badly).

After graduating with a B.Bus Sci degree from UCT, she found Yoco and jumped in head first. She now manages Yoco’s social media profiles and online community, and writes an article or two for the blog.

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