Meet the Humans of Yoco: The People Team

Meet the Humans of Yoco: The People Team

“We are building the best possible environment for our people to succeed. The team and its diverse background are the cornerstones of our competitive advantage at Yoco, the secret sauce under the hood.” – Katlego Maphai, Yoco co-founder and CEO

You might be wondering – what’s a “People” team? Basically, they make sure that we have everything we need to do our best work. They’re like a mom, best friend and mentor all in one. They’re responsible for finding only the best people to join our team, and creating a positive and productive work environment. They make sure that the unique #YocoFamily culture remains a core value within the company as we grow.

Company culture, autonomy, ownership and work-life balance are super important to us, and our structure and work environment allows for that. We strive to keep a relaxed and open work space where you’re free to be yourself. Our company was built on a foundation of friendship, so we really encourage our team to get to know each other outside of the work environment.

We do this by hosting monthly team events like putt-putt, First Thursdays and movie nights. We also celebrate every birthday with a special Yoco tradition. The People Team are instrumental in making sure that our culture stays truly ‘Yoco’.

We strongly believe that if you let people do what they love, you will get exceptional work in return.

Everyone in the team completes the Gallup StrengthsFinder. After answering some questions, the StrengthsFinder highlights your key strengths – your unique combination of talents, knowledge, and skills. This tool helps us understand ourselves and our teammates better and allows us to focus our energy where it’s most productive.

With all this in mind, here’s the team behind the team.

Meg aka Megaroo

“I get to work with and assist the most awesome people in doing their job.”

Meg is our Office Manager and we’re not exaggerating when we say that the office would be at a standstill without her. She takes care of everything the team needs to be comfortable and happy. From a cupboard full of groceries, to a new keyboard, to creating a warm and welcoming working environment, Meg has your back.

Working at Yoco has taught her that kindness goes a long way and she loves that she can actively see the difference she makes in the team’s life every day. When Meg’s not at work, she’s passionate about painting and you’ll find her with a paintbrush and canvas.

Kirsten aka Kikipedia

“I love listening to what people want for themselves and having the ability to help them achieve that.”

Kirsten is the newest addition to the team. Coming from a background in sourcing niche IT talent, Kirsten is now our in-house recruiter. She enjoys watching people grow personally and professionally, because she was able to offer them the opportunity to do so in a supportive environment within a great team.

The biggest things she’s learned since joining Yoco is how to listen in order to understand, and how to wear different hats on different days. Outside of work, Kirsten loves reading a good book, spending time with her friends and doing outdoor activities like hiking. She’s also studying part time towards an Honours degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology.

Lauren aka Lah

“People are our biggest asset and what makes Yoco what it is.”

Coming from a HR management background, Lauren joined Yoco to make sure that our processes for hiring and supporting people are top class. To her, it’s an exceptionally rewarding role and she loves that her work has an impact on Yoco’s growth. She enjoys working with people and seeing them reach their true potential, and feels like she’s learning something new every day.

Lauren describes the People Team as the “heart” of Yoco because of the love and appreciation put into the work and the way they support other teams in the company. When Lauren isn’t bouncing around the office, she’s running. She’s completed 12 half marathons and 2 full marathons – and that’s after only 1 year of training!

You can read Lauren’s article on the top 5 employee rights every small business owner should understand here.

We’re looking for more Yoco’s to join our diverse and innovative team. If you’d like to be part of one of the fastest-growing startups in South Africa, have a look at our careers page here.

About the author: Robyn

RobynRobyn - Social media and community manager

When you’re engaging with Yoco on social media, Robyn is the girl you’re talking to. She loves learning from our community and seeing small businesses thrive. In her spare time you’ll find her off hiking in some forest, curled up with a book or singing karaoke (badly).

After graduating with a B.Bus Sci degree from UCT, she found Yoco and jumped in head first. She now manages Yoco’s social media profiles and online community, and writes an article or two for the blog.

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