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The Yoco App is designed to be a sidekick for your business – it allows you to quickly and easily process card payments, track cash and card sales in real time, manage items and staff, and refund transactions from anywhere.

All of these things already save you time on everyday management tasks, but here at Yoco we’re constantly pushing ourselves to create products that will better help you run your business. We’ve received valuable feedback from entrepreneurs using the App, listened to what they’ve had to say and made improvements.

Here’s some of what you can expect form the latest version (1.3.1 on iOS and 1.0.9 on Android):

Yoco App Update

Daily totals on the Transaction history screen

The Transaction history screen is now known as the Sales history. We’ve included daily totals so you can see at a glance exactly how much you’ve sold on a certain day – no calculations needed.

Improved view of approved, refunded and failed transactions

In the Sales history view, transactions that have been refunded show up in red so you can notice them immediately. Failed transaction amounts now appear as grey with a line through them.

This means that you can easily distinguish between what has been approved, refunded and failed, saving you time scanning through the list.

Detailed reasons for declined cards

We understand that when a customer’s card is declined it can be an awkward situation to handle. That’s why we try and help you out by providing as much information as possible, which you can then show to your customer.

VAT is no longer enabled by default

Many business owners using Yoco told us that they would prefer to enable VAT themselves, and we listened. If your business has a VAT number you will need to enable VAT for receipts, either in the App or Business Insights Portal. You can choose to do this once-off for all items or select specific items to be VAT enabled.

If you’re using Yoco please be sure to update your App, so you can get the most our of our new features. For iOS, ensure you’re using version 1.3.1, and version 1.0.9 for Android. You can do this by going to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

For more info on how the Yoco App can help grow your business, visit our website.

About the author: Robyn

RobynRobyn - Social media and community manager

When you’re engaging with Yoco on social media, Robyn is the girl you’re talking to. She loves learning from our community and seeing small businesses thrive. In her spare time you’ll find her off hiking in some forest, curled up with a book or singing karaoke (badly).

After graduating with a B.Bus Sci degree from UCT, she found Yoco and jumped in head first. She now manages Yoco’s social media profiles and online community, and writes an article or two for the blog.

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