The Fabulousness of Pop-Ups

Ever wanted to start a business that runs for a certain period of time only? Jose and Nick, the mother and son team behind Fabulous Flowers, did just that. After running their florist for 16 years, they were offered an opportunity to take over a speciality Christmas store when the original owner moved away.

Fabulous Flowers Pop-up Store

Fabulous Christmas is a pop-up store that sells all things Christamassy from 1 November to 31 December every year. We asked Jose for a bit more insight into the flexibility aspect of flash retailing. Here’s what she had to say.

“This is the first year we chose to do a pop-up in conjunction with our main store. And now that we’ve done it we thought, why not do a pop-up for a whole lot of different things? Like Easter for example. I make a lot of the crafty things myself, so a pop-up event where you showcase people that make handmade goods would also be interesting to get into. We’re gonna take the whole pop-up concept a little bit further next year.”

Christmas Popup Store Success

The seasonal nature of pop-ups gives Jose and the team the opportunity to follow other passions while still running their main store. They started using Yoco to accept payments at the Fabulous Christmas pop-up shops in Cavendish Square and Willowbridge Shopping Centre.

It’s working brilliantly. And we save money on the fees because they don’t charge as much as the banks do.

Jose van Aswegen, Fabulous Christmas

Yoco is a great fit for pop-ups and seasonal businesses because of its mobility and flexibility. Jose doesn’t have to pay any monthly rental or admin fees – she only pays when she is actually selling. This means the team can use the Yoco to accept payments at Fabulous Christmas, and keep it until they decide on their next pop-up venture, without having to lose any money in between.

Credit Cards For Popup Stores

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