Entrepreneur Story: Maison Gateau

Entrepreneur Story: Maison Gateau

Hidden away in Woodstock is Maison Gateau, a sugar sanctuary created by Tara Moranduzzo and her team. As with every business they have a stunning story.

What inspired you to start Maison Gateau?

I ran Centerpiece Cakes, which focuses on weddings and events, but as lovely as wedding cakes are they don’t leave a lot of room for experimentation. We have quite big imaginations and like to push the boundaries. We used to have these amazing dreams of concoctions and cupcakes and macaroon flavours that were a little bit less ordinary – and wanted an outlet for that.

Someone once said it’s like Willy Wonka’s factory in here. We’re always experimenting, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

The Maison Gateau Team

What’s the biggest challenge running your own business?

Currently the biggest challenge is managing people’s perceptions. When you’re trying to reinvent the wheel, people just think “Why? The wheel works”. You get people who wonder why things need to be different, but when they taste and experience it, only then do they get it.

So if you want to create something new you also have to take on the responsibility of re-educating people.

My personal challenge is that I am a baker at heart. I want to be in the kitchen all the time and I want to be decorating all the time. But I realise that I have a responsibility to my staff and my customers, so from a business side I need to be more involved.

The partners we’ve found have helped a lot in this regard. People like TabletPOS and Yoco, and having access to processes and features that are easy to use, make the business side of things simpler and allow me to spend more time in the kitchen. I didn’t have to go get a business degree to run my bakery. We feel very supported.

How has Yoco helped run your business?

Using it has been seamless. It took us a while to get into the card space because it just seemed so daunting, but Yoco is so simple to use.

Another huge benefit has been the portability. Because we do markets, having a portable card machine is massive. It sets us apart from other traders in the market. If someone wants to buy 6 or 8 cupcakes, the likelihood of them having enough cash after walking around a market for 2 hours is slim.

The first day we had Yoco we made more money than any other day that week. People just don’t carry cash.

We don’t want them to have to scale down their order just because we don’t accept card. Also once people realise we accept cards they start looking at things they weren’t even considering initially, because now there’s no longer a limit.

For whimsical, mouth-watering confections, check out Maison Gateau. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for new creations.

For a card acceptance and POS solution to help grow your business, check out Yoco.

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